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Batman Dhampyr



Apophysis 7.  Random batch, just adjusted gradient and enhanced color before rendering.

It is an ornate glass vase belonging to a Batman who lives in an alternate timeline in the Middle Ages, in which he either has been bitten by a vampire but resists turning into one via science (perhaps it'd be called alchemy in that era) like Blade the vampire-slayer, or there is vampire blood in the family line, giving him special abilities and making him more long-lived, but he'll never turn fully vampire himself.  Like Bruce Wayne in Gotham, he is very wealthy, which would make him a feudal lord in this time period, hence the family crest, involving bats, is incorporated into a work of incredible detail and craftsmanship (going along with the science).  Perhaps even the means to prevent his transformation is hidden somewhere inside this glass vase.

Yes, Batman is my favorite comic character, because he is gutsy, he does all he does to fight crime without superpowers.  And I also like movies about vampire-slayers, including Blade.  So, because I did NOT conceive of, nor in any way create this image myself, it is another example of the kindness of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who recognizes our individual personalities, our likes and interests, creative preferences, and participates in our lives in an utterly humbling, heart-capturing, loving manner.  He deigned to place this amazing artwork, without my asking, into my hands, and I am awed and greatly appreciative of such a kind gesture.

2/28/16 Adjusted color/brightness for proper print appearance.
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