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    It should be stated upfront that unlike the Alphabet based ranking system for supernatural creatures I posted before super powered humans tend to be a bit trickier when it comes to giving an individual a specific power ranking vs the ranking of their power its self. For example the Marvel comics character (Storm) her powe would at its highest be ranked an "Omega" level power, however she herself is human, no stronger, faster, durable, or longer lived than any human of her same build and combat training. This would as an average bring her power ranking to a C or C+ at best ranking. Yes, despite having the power to bring waters to a desert or destroy an entire landmass, the fact is a sniper could take her out, she still is a *mushy human* to qoute the comic strip "Grrl Power" as well as a "glass cannon" (in other words yes, having god like powers but not a god like body hurts the over all ranking; hence why powers are ranked seperatly here).
-as a quick comparison as to why supernatural creatures are ranked seperatly, supernatural creatures tend to have an overall escilation of power. A creature with god like powers over the weather also tends to have super strength, durability, a god like being overall. Human supers don't always follow this rule. Likewise the super powers ranking has two classes below the lowest rank an actual person with them would likely be considered and are not found on the supernatural scale (No-class) and (Z-class); for a supernatural creature these would mean just being a normal being.

 Before we begin, we should define what qualifies as a "super power". This would be a special trait or ability that at least in some circumstances gives an environmental, situational, or survival advantage to an individual that is non-indicitive to the species, culture, outside technological assistance, and cannot normally be achieved through any sort of special training. (Note the final criteria there can be brought into question if said training can unlock a "hidden human potential" such as chi/ki, latent magic/psionic powers. These criteria may also bring into question the status of "super power" to the lowest ranks.

  1: No-class *AKA: Null class*: Unlike the next up power ranking *Z* the powers in this class can be showy. However they can't be particularly strong and come at a distinct disadvantage; as in a "trade off". For example a human who can breathe under water, but they can't breathe on land anymore; or a person who is immune to freezing temperatures; however warmer temperatures are now fatal to them. Even something as extreme as *they can swim in lava* but if they are now harmed or potentially killed by water it ends up as a No-class superpower because all they did was trade off an ability a human normally has for one they don't.

 2: Z-class: a tad more understandible as being low class than Null-class tends to be. A Z-class superpower is one that is so weak or subtle that a person may go their entire lives without knowing they have it (As a note: Not all subtle or powers listed under the Powers one can have their whole lives without knowing it, qualify as Z-class if they are presented with the right conditions). A Z-class power is subtle and relativly unnoticable as a super-power in all or most conditions. For instance being immune to one type of virus, or one type of bacteria, one type of poison. Powers that without some external assistance that is improbable such as (all powers being linked to one gene and a sensor detects this, or some special aura quality scanner); especially as Z-class powers can be stated to fall under normal biological mutation parameters usually.

 There are some that fall into the "Not as Subtle" special category where one can say, "How did you not notice this for so long?" going years or decades without realizing one has a trait that isn't normal for a human, but also nothing particularly impressive that not even a special event would likely point it out, but a general conversation might; for instance being immune to influenza could be noticed if you realize all those colds you had were actually allergies, or an immunity to cavities, or even immunity to all bacteria or all viruses and how you never had to go to the doctor. It was normal for you, so you just didn't notice it for so long. Like a "huh I never did break a bone" and discover you have a higher than normal bone density or shock absorbant qualities, but never did anything until you were like forty that should have broken a bone...the rest of you sure wasn't immune to injury.

  In other words a power that earns more a "huh how about that" and can't be used to get on a show about superpowers or a sideshow attraction tends to end up here; even if they are more useful than some in the next rank up (F) class.

3: F-class: Also known as the "freak show" class by some. These are powers that tend to fall more into the "super powers" category but are so weak and/or take so much effort and focus to use even a little that they easily can by onlookers be dismissed as magic tricks and hoaxes. Most simple mind readings, lower level telekinesis and other -kinesis skills, blurry distant viewings, are this class (alot of "psychic" stuff is F-class). On the physical side many F-class powers are well documented to the point they are so fully understood that most don't even consider them powers anymore. Enhanced resistance to electricity, heat, cold, flexibility, agility, sharp shooter reflexes, zoom in vision, perfect memory, instant mathimatical skills, and the like. These are the sorts of abilities that end up on the side shows and super power programs; hence the rather unpleasent "freak show" stigma they often get as people point and gawk.

4: D-class: This is where the power starts to stretch the boundries, acceptance, and understanding of science. Many F-class abilities used to be considered D-class until science caught up to understand them. D-class tends to involve things like abnormal levels of resistance to damage, having non-human physical traits like a sticky frog tongue, chromataphores, bio-electrictric cells, electro sensory perception, slightly more affective psionic skills like perfect distant viewing, seeing inside someone's mind at will, slightly quicker and better telekinesis, and very inhuman things like bone-claws, growing bone blades from the body, shooting venomous eyelashes, healing factors. Not something that defies physics as they are known but gets pretty close can get a D+ ranking *like shooting paralysis causing ink from your tear ducts, or your fallen hair strands animating and crawling inside the bodies of freshly dead animals to animate them like super horse hair worms to protect you would fall under this category as well*.

5: C-class: Also called the (Combat class), this is where one's power even if one's body isn't, can convince them that being a superhero *at least as part of a team that balances out each other's vulnerabilities and short comings* can be an attractive prospect. These powers tend to defy the known laws of physics like disproportionate superstrength such as a person able to lift a few hundred pounds more than they weigh, full blown thermakinesis, basic pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, and other basic elemental powers, heat vision, shooting electricity from one's hands. Basically this class starts the point where super powers are (traditionally) viewed as super powers at their lowest levels and still usable for a super hero or super villain to possess. As these same powers get stronger, wider ranged, diversified, and feats are discovered they go up in class.

6: B-class: the often hard to define (Beta class), here is where the powers may justify a solo super career or be usable as a weapon. Often C-class end up in the B-class range after years of training their power; when the Ferrokinetic after training taps into full magnekinesis and electromagnekinesis, or the telepath starts to add mind puppetry or telekinesis falls into a controlled version of psychokinesis. Alot of glass cannon type powers tend to fall here as well, such as powerful optic blasts, energy explosives, teleportation, phase shifting. Very useful, very physics defying, but limited range and power can be pretty well copied by hand held weaponry. In all though here powers tend to alarm people when the average person may have them, like manipulating and forming fire into the shape of birds to fly around, or freezing over a running stream to walk across it...also most B-class powers tend to belong to people whose bodies tend to keep their over all "super" ranking much lower as an odd (balancing). Such as able to absorb and redirect energy in almost any amount but can't form that energy on their own, kinetic absorption, heat absorption, and such also tend to fall here. In other words the powers are very showy, but have inbuilt limitations.

7: A-class: the (Alpha class): Most are so similar to many B-class that it causes some confusion, but the difference tends to be a much larger range, blast radius, total defiance of known physics, lack of obvious limitations other than sheer force. Such as a shapeshifter now not just shifting texture and color but apparently adding and losing some mass at will, extra-dimensional energy and matter sources for beams and shifts, (while a B-class power may be gathering ambient energy to charge a beam, an A-class version draws its power from an extra dimensional source so no local environment limitation)...however like B-class when the A-class gets higher they can be confused with the S-class, and be argued if the power its self is this rank or the individual with a set of powers. As with the opening example, one power can be pretty high, doesn't mean the person is, and vice versa, a person with several B and A class powers can come across as an S-class super.

8: S-class: total defiance of known physics or "insane" levels of power. Such as an energy beam that can melt a tank, forming ice inside a burning building defying the laws of physics utterly on how cold it would have to be to freeze things so quickly, Umbrakinesis summoning massive combat tentacles from a shadow dimension, invulnerability to most anything short of a nuke to the face, able to survie at the bottom of the sea and move to the sky without any problems, and such. They can be confusing as it is rare for anyone to have an S-class power or the next level up as well who isn't an S-class super all around, or doesn't just have several lower ranking powers combined to look this way. In truth if someone had an S-class power, just one, but not the "Superman" physique to go with it (full package of being immune to bullets especially), they might be hesitant to let anyone know even in a super world, as it can mark them as a target to every fearful group, government agency, and even supervillain who could tie them down, brainwash them, and use them as a weapon. *Such as "you will use your power to teleport yourself and several hundred people and tons of machinery anywhere I want or I will put a bullet in your head*. Or worse yet, the power has a charge up time, or comes with some weird weakness (at which point it starts to feel more supernatural than just super), such as an Invulnerability Aura, however metal can still get through and harm you.

9: Omega class: much of what was said of S-class applies here, the difference is range and by definition the power to alter and drastically change the entire ecosystem, biosphere, or landmass of an area instantly. Such as full blown Atmokinesis, higher order elemental powers like able to cause earthquakes, set off a volcano, summon water from the sea like a mega-tsunami, transform into a giant Kaiju of destruction, kill everything around you instantly, transform the life forms around you into monsters or supers, ect... More often than not Omega level powers with humans tend to only have that one power and their bodies are fully human. it is rare to find an Electromagnekinetic with full access to all the powers of the electromagnetic spectrum who can also control the weather, or water, or shoot lasers from his eyes, or have super strength, ect... As stated above most Omega class powered individuals, especially those with reality warping (Quantum Distortion and Manipulation), probability, blow up a mountain from miles away, summon the portals of Hell or whatever, tend to avoid outing themselves *unless they have a mistaken god complex* for the same fears of an S-class, that someone may realize they arn't a god and just as susceptible to a bullet to the head or theaten their families as they arn't omnipotent, to abuse their powers.

  As odd as it seems in the end, the lower one's powers are, and still noticable, the more inclined one may be to show the public that they even have powers. The "see its neat, but I'm no threat to you and not usable for any nefarious schemes" tends to be more accepted by society.
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