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Hi there folks,

This isn't strictly Rhubarb Zoo news but I figured it's worth posting because things are gonna be pretty quiet on the animation front for a looong time and besides, a lot of you seemed to like my music.

Click here to listen/download

The music is all very melodic ambient with lots of glitchy textures (kinda like the Entropy music but a little bit noisier and dense.... and no singing). The best description I've ever heard for my music is "cinematic glitch". I spent nearly 5 years on this album and actually finished it about July last year but I wasn't sure what to do with it till recently.

You can listen to and download all the songs for free, but if you buy the whole album package for $4US there is a bonus track included :)

I put the album cover on my own DA page, if you want to comment on it you can do so there (click on my icon below).

Please give it a listen, I really appreciate feedback too. Thanks.

Dane :iconspringymajig:
Hey guys and girls of DA land, come be our friends on Facebook!


In other news, our latest short film Entropy is getting close to online release - more info on that is coming pretty soon.
Unfortunately the web series is further away than we previously thought, we'll give you more info as it happens!

What have you guys been watching/listening to lately?

J :iconpinflux: and Dane :iconspringymajig: you lovely people that have faved any of our work and/or added us to your watchlist! We've had a huge response to Ectype's End and are thrilled with the response to it - the fact that people enjoyed it is exciting enough but that it made some of you really think and come up with opinions relating to its message is a massive bonus!

Things are going to get very exciting in 2008 as we release our short film Entropy and ramp up to pre-production for a serialised web-series that will kick off in 2009. Yes, that's a whole year away - but we're sure you'll be hooked on it once it begins! In the meantime, we'll be giving you glimpses of the process of bringing it to life, from story creation and visual designs to finding and recording voice talent.

Oh - if any of you enjoyed Ectype's End enough to want to bust out some related fan art please do! We'll fav any fan art we hear of, and any we really love we'll chuck up on our website with a link to you!

Thanks again guys, have a great Christmas and keep your ears to the ground for more Ruzu craziness around the corner!

J :iconpinflux: and Dane :iconspringymajig:
Hello folks,

Our sincere apologies for the complete lack of content on this page.
We're pretty busy at the moment but will update with sketches and more films when we get the chance!

In the meantime check out our website, and sign up to the newsletter if you want to stay in the loop with our animations :)

J :iconpinflux: and Dane :iconspringymajig: from Rhubarb Zoo