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So I've never done this before, but--as much as I love kitsune, I have started to notice that my portfolio has gotten a teeeeeeeny bit fox heavy.  Just a little.  :P  So, in the interests of expanding my repertoire and my portfolio, I am now offering 20% off on ALL non-fox related commissions, starting today and running through the end of the year!  Giraffes, penguins, bears, elephants, character commissions, fursonas--if you've been pondering a piece in my style, I'd love to take a crack at it, and I will take 20% off the entire price of the finished commission!

For more details on how my commissions work, and to get a quote for your design, please see my FAQ and request form here:… .  Or you can always comment here with any questions, and I'd be more than happy to answer them.  :)