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Natsu Turning Feral by Rhov, visual art

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My Bio
I'm a writer and musician. I have my trusty 1951 Olds "Super" tenor trombone, and I have my laptop. I always keep a notebook with me to write down descriptions or random thoughts. I doodle a little bit, and I love taking pictures of anything that interests me, mostly nature. I also love styling my super long hair, and I'm always experimenting with ways to braid it. My goal is to have it to my ankles. I love manga and write fanfics when I'm bored. I don't actually read much because I have dyslexia, and whereas I've trained my fingers to type by "muscle memory," I read really, really slowly.

I live a unique life, although I think it's boring. I have epilepsy, which sucks, and I support research for new ways to cure it, because so far my meds only do so much. I also have agoraphobia and social anxiety. Simply leaving my home is a terrifying experience for me. I have to "feel brave" just to take the trash out. Yet I love hiking, sailing, and performing concerts. Then I can hide behind the persona of a "trombonista." That usually surprises people who know me online, since I tend to be talkative, if not flamboyant. Again, it's me hiding behind the mask of "Rhov." Oh, and Rhov is the name I go by just about everywhere. I even use it in real life for my writing groups.

I have synesthesia, a condition where the brain crosswires the senses. There are over 60 varieties, and I have two: sound-color and motion-sound. Music is a colorful experience. My trombone sounds blue. Blue sounds like leaves rustling in the forest. Motions make sounds like some never-ending movie soundtrack. I didn't even realize all of this was unusual until I was in my 20s and read about synesthesia. Then I was like... "Well, yeah. I'm like that. You mean that's weird?" When you perceive something all your life, you don't think of it as weird, no more so than holding up a pizza and being able to smell the garlic. It's just how my brain works... and I get a free acid trip with every concert I perform!

On a personal note: no flirting! I know those picture of my long hair turn some people on, I don't really mind since we all have our kinks, but I'm married, quite happily, thank you. We have a cat... or more like a baby panther; that kitty is HUGE!

Favourite Visual Artist
a tie between Monet and Waterhouse, depending on my mood
Favourite Movies
The Princess Bride, Labyrinth, Star Wars VI, Monte Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Space Balls
Favourite TV Shows
Fairy Tail, Mythbusters
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tarja Turunen, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Skillet
Favourite Books
Wheel of Time, Harry Potter series, LOTR, Silmarilian, Windrose Chronicles, Dune series
Favourite Writers
Frank Herbert, Douglas Adams, Heinlein, Robert Jordan, Tolkein, Rowling
Favourite Games
FFVII, Scrabble, Dragon Age, used to be huge into Utopia and Conquer Online
Tools of the Trade
my pen and my trombone
Other Interests
writing, music, photography, sailing, hiking, stout beer, cooking bizarre pasta dishes

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I LOVE your fanfictions so much, I read all of 'em! (uhh, some of the ones in Wild Rhov, too!)
I absolutely love 'Lion's Pride'--So much that I read it all over again...and again...and again...Until I finished it in just one sitting.

you are my favourite person for LoLu tbh:heart:
I'm totally hooked on your stories. I have FMBM, LAND, CTT and WoF bookmarked. Although i'm not sure if you plan on writing anymore to WoT.  I find myself checking a couple times a week to see if there are new chapters. Man how i wish these were actually animated. I would watch them multiple times for sure. keep up the amazing work.
WoF is a bit stuck, but I have future chapters already written. It's just the upcoming one is... I dunno... I know precisely what will happen, but I'm still stuck on it somehow.
Well, i'm glad to know there will be more. Like i said, all 4 are bookmarked and i check on them on a regular basis for new chapters.  Can't wait for more to come. I even had an artist friend of mine do a drawing based on FMBM ^^
Ooooh really??? Who? I'd love to see it if I haven't already.
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Rhovvvvvv! <3 <3

Omg omg omg omg  //stalks//

Girl, I freakin' LOVE you!!!!

Your Natsu and Gray fanfic's are so amazing! Especially Fight me, Bite me! Aaah!

I just want to tell you to keep writing and doing what you love! I'd LOVE to read more fanfic's from you! Stay strong and keep doing what you love, no matter what people tell you! ^^

Sighed, Emily xx