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Lolita Skirt Tutorial Part 2

I am SophisTEAcated. It's my name on Threadbanger, which is what I originally made this tutorial for.

This is part two of my fantastic tutorial! Yayyy!!

If you use and post picture, please link back to me/notify me. <3

Part one: [link]
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do you have a youtube video to show this? I dont really understand 
irishhighlander's avatar
Faving this for future reference :)
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Ahh thank you for this! I'm going to go try it immediately. I recently became interested in lolita, but I'm not very good at sewing yet... This is a wonderful tutorial and seems easy to understand! Wish me luck with my first skirt!
Nestalia's avatar
This is really good. The only thing I would do differently is just add the extra distance needed for the button flap onto the waist band. That way it is a seamless waistband. It's just something I learned to do in school. Other then that I may use a semi modified version of this for my skirt.
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So I'm guessing I can't get that beautiful ruffle without a sewing machine? ;__;
Inktacular's avatar
No you probably can dear!
All I do to make a ruffle (even with a machine)
Is I use HUGE stitches and just pull the fabric til it's gathered to my liking.
it can be a little bit of a pain to keep even, but that's all I do.
meXren's avatar
So what if I don't want a zipper, will it still work?
RaruNyan's avatar
God bless you for telling us how you ruffle. I've been having troubles since I started and trying to ruffle and the way you do it is so easy I wish I was showed this earlier.
DoshchDoshch's avatar
I loved this tutorial!! :D Good job!! ((On another note, I freaking love your shirt.... O.O))
NotsoSexyLibrarian's avatar
What kind of petticoat did you use? Like how many tiers, what length, etc.
Shylily3's avatar
o.o I have that EXACT same shirt. Awesome tutorial btw[link]
the final product looks fantastic! =)
btw did you use a bell shaped petti or an a line? if you used a bell shaped petti would this pattern still work with an a line?
TatsukiOtaku's avatar
i love the skirt XD and kinda off topic, but i love your hair too XD
KayleighGwen's avatar
that tutorial was well cute and you did a good job at explaining a simple but nice skirt!
I shall attempt this and hope it will work c: Thank you ^^
Joker-sMad-Sarcasm's avatar
i dont have the patience to make that skirt...
Jaciopara's avatar
what are you wearing under the skirt to make it so poofy? :0
sorry, I am not a lolita, I love the skirt though.
RhodyGunn's avatar
I have a petticoat underneath. :)
SexyAngel-Panda's avatar
thanks so much for this tutorial. thanks to you i am making an amazing dress and i learned how to gather. amazing skirt :3
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This is so cute! I love your shirt at the end. Also, the waist ties are great. :3 I've been meaning to make some for skirts I've made.
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Yeah, waist ties are really useful :o
This look great, thanks for sharing!
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Ok so, I'm thinking of using this tutorial since all the others were too confusing qq.. This seems less confusing though! YAY!
So I want a fully black skirt to match a dress (which I turned into a top) I got recently. Do you think it would look better to do it how you have here, but have the purple and white parts black? Or to leave out the extra bit and have the entire length without the "gap" where you can see the white joins?

Sorry for the long comment, just you're experienced with making these so I thought it'd be easier to ask you~ :heart: THANKYOU VERY MUCH
RhodyGunn's avatar
This skirt is a "two tier" skirt, so you can do either one! commonly skirts are just one main piece, with perhaps lace or a ruffle (ala AP prints) but the tiered thing is also nice.

haha no problem. :)
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