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Lolita Skirt Tutorial Part 1

I am SophisTEAcated. It's my name on Threadbanger, which is what I originally made this tutorial for.

It's the first part of a Lolita Skirt tutorial that I have made, please enjoy it!

If you use and post picture, please link back to me/notify me. <3

Part Two: [link]
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Faving this for future reference :)
ScalematePrincess's avatar
I dont understand the calculation around the waist part, could you please explain it to me?
dibbunfox's avatar
I'm thinking about using an extra long lolita skirt for the bottom part of this dress (minus the apron)…
do you think it could work?
startstatic97's avatar
So you used 4 of the 55x22cm white pieces for the ruffle? I'm a bit confused in that part lol ^^;
burninglilly's avatar
Cool, cool.
Now I'm gonna go browse and see what other tutorials you have.
PyroNova's avatar
I think you just saved my life.
nikkittie's avatar
Ooh this is gorgeous!! I may have to try this myself >u>
Kuritsutei's avatar
When you cut out the main skirt, you made it 110 cm across, but when you did the waist measurements, you ended up with 221. Did I miss something? (PS - Yeah, I'm knew to sewing)
RhodyGunn's avatar
Yes, I cut out 2 of them and sewed them together. :)
Kuritsutei's avatar
Okay, that makes sense. Thanks.
SerenitysStardust's avatar
Aya! I didn't realise the pic for the ruffles was folded over so I only cut four x 22 by 55cm pieces -___- when I sewed them on they only went just over half way round ;w;
Oh well I'll just make more 8D
This tutorial is awesome I love it so much <3
I'm really getting into sewing now. Before I couldn't even make the sewing machine create a straight seem @_@ but I'm really getting there now :)

<3 Lolita

Thanks SophisTEAcated :3
KagamineCallie's avatar
is it naturally that fluffy??
RhodyGunn's avatar
meof's avatar
This has probably been asked before but when you finished the skirt how long did it end up? Just checking to make sure my measurements aren't crazy :P
RhodyGunn's avatar
20 in I think?
Anaraine-Arisato's avatar
[link] used it. Thank you soooooooo much for posting this, i loved it!
Bloom450's avatar
would you mind making a pattern?
namien's avatar
Is each rectangle (waist size x 3.25)/2 long? o.o
Kyuuketsuki-Nan's avatar
Found this in my subscribed threats on Gaia from waaaaay back. Adding it to faves here now because I still like it :3
Miss-JessieKate's avatar
I know this is an old tutorial but I was looking through it to see if I could find any tips I don't already know, and instead I have one to share! :) Instead of cutting out two rectangles for the base of the skirt, I like to cut out one long one. I try to study the way my clothes from Baby are sewn in order to figure out how I can make mine better, and one thing I noticed is that on the two rectangle skirts I have from them only have one side seam because they're sewn from one long rectangle. This is especially great for larger prints because you don't have to try to match them up at two seams, just one!

You taught me something too! The "multiply your waist by 3.25" part. That's a great tip. I got within one inch of the length I was using for myself and so that's how Baby apparently makes them.
RhodyGunn's avatar
The one long rectangle thing is only applicable if you have a print that goes along the selvage of the fabric; this way, you can just cut it length-wise. Cutting directly across the fabric, perpendicular to the selvage is never long enough to have one long rectangle; so two is necessary. (I personally prefer two anyways, because then you can put pockets in both side seams ;D)
thank you so much I am going to try right now !!
RhodyGunn's avatar
Awesome :) Good luck! Show me when done!
Fmalover12's avatar
I am soo going to use this tutorial for a skirt I'm making for my Halloween costume! :D I know it's far off, but I'd like to get started ASAP
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