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Lolita Petticoat Tutorial

This is a Petticoat tutorial, based on a GosuRori pattern.

Because I'm sure a lot of you don't know Japanese. :3

Here is my skirt pattern, with the gathering instructions: [link]


Do it.

Make skirts poofy.

If you use and post picture, please link back to me/notify me. <3
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Hola, quería preguntar si tienes este tutorial pero en español. Gracias.
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si puedes esperar, puedo mandarte una traduccion pronto.
Yaiera's avatar
Si, esperaré todo lo que sea necesario :3
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hi! I have the intention to make my own dress/skirt and petticoat, so I have search for a long time for lolita (sew) tips, but the petticoat is just a bit hard to search...I mean, I found some types and patterns of petticoats, but they are a-line pattern, and I want to find a bell shaped petticoat pattern. I want to know if this tutorial is for a bell shaped?
thx for att,
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It's a great tutorial but there's something i'd like to ask you...
what is the measure you use for the waist?

(sorry for my bad english... because I think I hadn't written it well jajaja)
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You only had two.
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Nice! Can't leave home without a petticoat. <3
Just gotta be careful you don't knock things over. ^^;;
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You wear 3 of them ?!? Wow, is it confortable ? Because Im planning to do a skirt with you tutorial, but I was wondering if I can make like a BIG petticoat ? 'Cause 3 seem too much, non ? :s
(sorry for my bad english, im french hehe)
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Haha yeah. it's not so bad. You could just layer more tulle in, at the same lines and at different lines as well. just more layers of tulle!
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Thanks SO much for sharing!!!!!
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Can I ask? do this petticoat works for the longer skirt? Somwhere about 80 cm long from waist.....
(like you princess peach cosplay skirt)
Julie-The-Panda's avatar
thank you for this~!
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Love it~!
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I love GosuRori's tutorials!
But iif you want a lot of poof, try using petticoat netting. Its different from tulle because its a lot stiffer and you dont need a lot of layers of it to give it volume
RhodyGunn's avatar
Honestly, petticoat tulle is kinda gross. It's scratchy and tough, and doesn't really stay nice. I prefer organdie pettis.

I don't even use this petticoat alone, i layer a few other ones i've got from various places. pettis are frankly a bitch to make.

I use this one just as extra fabric in between sometimes (and by this one i mean one of the 80 bagillion i've made. lol.)
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<3 love your tutorials!!! *.*
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thanks for sharing! XD
ok so, is there a way to make the peti more poofy so you dont need to wear so much?
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add more layers of tulle.
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Yosh! I need to make a petticoat :aww: To bad I need to hand gather, your method did not work on my machine :cry:
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