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Pern Northern Continent Canon Roadless

(Ocean labels aren't added yet, and changing color of long. lat. text.)

The roads copied directly from the Atlas just look half-finished and not detailed enough for realistic terrain. I understand it's not TRULY canon, since the terrain is assumed for realism, but, despite realistic topology detail, I have done my best to make no assumptions about where and what things are. Grey/brown hold/territory text could be a single hold or multiple cot-holds, because there isn't sufficient official data to confirm whether or not they are holds or just regions with many small holds.

There are places where it's logical to put holds, to explain why the road deviates into empty space in Ruatha. I haven't done that because this version won't have any personal interpretations aside from a big plateu near the lake in Fort. It just makes no sense to me why there'd be a great lake there with no features nearby as explanation. These are usually caused by melted glaciers, as with the Great Lakes of the US. Big lakes actually disappear quickly in geological terms as the crust tries to become spherical again, and pops back up. Yet this lake is too far South to likely be from a glacier. So I created a volcano nearby, and assumed the lake is a caldera from a past explosion. Makes sense if this is an abduction/subduction zone, which it should be according to the plate tectonics going on here. Volcanoes actually move, as the plate drifts over them, so there are a few peaks nearby, around Fort Weyr from an older eruption to represent the push back and forth of the continents in this area. Those peaks also explain why the road (in the atlas) curves up around that region when translated to my map.

Do not use this without express permission, or claim as your work. I will find out. o_o

Please help me improve this! If you remember a reference from the books that you want me to add in here, please leave a comment! :)
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This is glorious!