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[Gtk 3.8 3.10 Theme] Blumix V0.2

Hi guys!

So, this is the second version of Blumix, a new modding project I started a couple of weeks ago. The first version can be found here…

Anyway, the idea is to fullfit these features:
· Minimimal minimal minimal
· Clair, light theme
· Blue-ish colors to highlight
· It have to work with: gnome-shell 3.6, 3.8 and 3.10
· Working with Elementary OS 0.2 (although I will not support bugfixes for old gtk versions)
· Working with latest, modern distros, like Ubuntu 13.10+ and other that uses the latest versions of Gtk.

Changelog V0.2 [Nov. 2013]

· New colored buttons and SVG assets of the theme

· New GTk2 theme

· New menu bar, light colored

· New Dark-Theme mode

· Bunch of other minor fixes

Manual download: or click on the download button.
One command install:…

© 2013 - 2021 rhoconlinux
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This gtk is great! i love the colors and the attention to details,
I have two requests;

1-It's possible to switch the menu color from dark to light?
2-Please can you make it one without windows border ?
rhoconlinux's avatar
yes yes and yes jajajaj

actually a new version on github (edge) is available to download which goes in that direction. (colors)

regarding the window borders, sadly in metacity you cannot make it dissapear. Despite that, I'm about to fix the window border and add some cool buttons instead of the temporary ones that you see. To get rid of the borders, I use gnome-shell 3.10 :) the theme is targeting to fit that environment, although it works on previous versions.

I'm in a closing year rush at work, I thought I could made it, but I couldn't... so round christmas (or even IN, jaj) I'll try to upload the stuff with a new banner and all that. :)
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thanks again and congratulations for your work.
rhoconlinux's avatar
you're welcome man. It's literally my pleasure. : )
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Muy bueno te quedo. Lastima que en esta imagen de presentacion le dieras ese efecto como borroso y de costado. El efecto en si es bueno pero no se aprecia el tema ni los detalles.
rhoconlinux's avatar
jejej, seeee!!!... ya seee... es que ODIO hacer los banners : P
ahora tengo una nueva versión y tengo que hacer el puto cartel... básicamente eso es lo que me está trabando la publicación... un embole total, porque le meto un montonaso de tiempo y siempre siempre me queda como el ojete jajaja. (el banner anterior no queda porque por ejemplo el click derecho ahora tiene los mismos colores que las ventanas).
Vos sos medio genio en las presentaciones, cualquier consejo o ayudita me vendría más que súper : D ;) -re cara dura el tipo jaja-
bokehlicia's avatar
Yo encantado de ayudar, no tengo drama. Si quieres despues me envias unos screenshots y veo que puedo hacer al menos para darte una idea. Si te ayuda pues genial. :)
rhoconlinux's avatar
wow man muchísimas gracias! :D :D
dale, esta semana te mando algo jiji, qué buena onda! Llama Emoji 03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
TaylanTatli's avatar
This is really awesome but with firefox it's really bad. With this theme firefox becomes ugly.  :/ i love it but i have to wait for a new version. :) Sorry for my English. Btw i'm using Ubuntu Gnome 13.10.
rhoconlinux's avatar
Oh! in what sense? I use firefox A LOT and didn't have any problems...
You might want to try this extension… that fits Firefox look to the current Gtk Theme you're using :)
TaylanTatli's avatar
Upgraded GS 3.10 and it works now. Thanks for this good theme. :)
rhoconlinux's avatar
Thanks man,
I'm steel kind of curious of what happened to you cause I'm using GS 3.8 and didn't experienced any strange stuff. This is how my firefoex looks without any theme at all…
Did you had any theme applied or something?
TaylanTatli's avatar
It looks like windows 95. :D but it's fne now with gs 3.10. :)
I just applied your theme as wm and gtk. And compass icon. Nothing else. :)
rhoconlinux's avatar
found the problem!
basically, it's because you didn't had the murrine engine installed. You have to enter:
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine -y
Then restar firefox to see the changes : )
I passed from a windows 95 style FF to an integrated one in a blink. ; )
Thanks for the report! I'll add that line to the installing script.
TaylanTatli's avatar
Thanks for solution. :) Now I'm on Linux Mint 16 cinnamon 2.0 but i have a problem again. :D in cinnamon nemo and firefox and other programs have a dark gray strip. This is my desktop with your theme:… Do you know any solution for that? i liked your theme, i want to use it. :)
rhoconlinux's avatar
: )
that's part of tge theme for now, so it's supposed to be like that.
However I didn't liked it too much neither, so in the "edge" version it's solved : )
You can download it and install it manually from Github:…

Zanx again! Oppan Gangnam Style
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milli5-961227's avatar
Cool, like it's clean touch! Would be nice if you could add some color flavours the next time, for example "blue" or "light grey" and so on.. This way everyone could choose the one which integrates the best with his desktop environment :D

Keep your work on! 
rhoconlinux's avatar
thanks for the good vibes : )
jasbutut's avatar
Neat and clean! :)

Need to find blue folder icons now. Any suggestions?
rhoconlinux's avatar
Sure! jaja…
(newer version on the door! :P )
tenplus1's avatar
Could you run a speed test with the GTK2/GTK2 components against a few other themes to show comparison ?
rhoconlinux's avatar
ja!... Sure!... ouch! but I don't know how to do it : P
Anyway, the gtk2 benchmark differences should be really neraby zero in comparison with any acceptably done theme. On the other hand, I don't think it will show any differences with Numix's performance or other light themes, like Linkoi, OS8 or  Iris, but this theme and those mentioned are clearly faster than others I tried. How fast? I didn't measured it, but it will really be my pleasure to do it. 
artbhatta's avatar
Dude, this is waiting to get installed in my Ubuntu Gnome 3.10....

But currently am in Debian. Just gonna restart & download!!

rhoconlinux's avatar
; )

It sould work in Debian also, if you run it send me a pic :)
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