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Elementary Perfecto (Elementary OS borders)

Hi guys, I want to share my first deviation on this "new username", I left behind my ~underboy identity :P
In this ocation I'm sharing this pack of window borders modded from gala's elementary theme, from ELEMENTARY OS LUNA gtk base.

The pack contains:
· a grey version (the one on the snap), with colored mouse-over and pushed-button instances.
· a lion-ish version, with some color in that balls :P

::: Downlad Links :::
Box: [link] (145 KB) (Mega)
[link] (141 KB) (Mega)

...I've been using this for a couple of months now, and it works just fine. ^_^

How to install:
0) Download the files
1) Unzip the files
2) open an administrator window file-manager (in Elementary, right click on the dock over the file manager, open admin window; in a general way, open a terminal and type "gksu nautilus" or "gksu pantheon-files" without quotes).
3) go to /usr/share/themes/
4) paste the extracted folders there

How to use:
1) Install the stuff
2) open a terminal
3) for the grey theme, type: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences theme 'rhoelementary-gray'
for the color theme, gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences theme 'rhoelementary-mac'
tadaaan :)
3a) to revert changes: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences theme 'elementary'

How about the button order? To change the button order as in the snapshot,
1) open a terminal
2) enter: gsettings set org.pantheon.desktop.gala.appearance button-layout 'close,minimize:maximize' restore to the defaults values: gsettings set org.pantheon.desktop.gala.appearance button-layout 'close:maximize'

ps: ...I didn't tried it in other environments than elementary, so don't know if it works in gnome, unity :P (it should, couse it's metacity right?)
ps2: @gnome-look: [link]
ps3: en castellano, este es mi blog: [link]
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Muy, muy bonito, mañana lo pruebo en Ubuntu 14.04 y te cuento...
brioneside's avatar
no tiene botón de maximizar?
rhoconlinux's avatar
no, este no. Tiene la flecha. Sin botón podés probrar adwaita cuppertino. Està en gnome-look. : )
como se podria poner el boton de maximizar con la apariencia del Mac como el de cerrar y minimizar, Gracias.
rhoconlinux's avatar
quizás estás buscando algo como esto :)…
Ok muchisimas gracias
Gemneroth's avatar
That is a beautiful window border! :o
Is this the wallpaper? ;) [link]
rhoconlinux's avatar
jejeje I'm a big fan of your work man. : )
Thanks for pass by ;)
artbhatta's avatar
it rocks... thanx for sharing..
rhoconlinux's avatar
You're welcome! glad you like it : )
artbhatta's avatar
any more customizations on elementary from u?? or upcoming...
rhoconlinux's avatar
upcomming upcomming!!!

.icon theme, with modded panel icons and nav bars + elementary apps
.icon theme, with modded panel icons and nav bars + flurry apps

.window theme: extreme minimal (no buttons, only on mouse over)
.gtk theme: milk - (almost there)
. gtk theme: black

keep in touch! :)
artbhatta's avatar
looking forward to it... minimal is the way to be... thanx for inviting to be a part of custom elementary OS.. samuaz.da is also working on some cool icons etc...
artbhatta's avatar
hey! i dig this.. gonna give it a try... real good work...wall?
rhoconlinux's avatar
Thanks dude, i hope you like it : )

Here is the wall [link]
FabianInostroza's avatar
you want to create a mount lion theme for eOS ? with me ?
rhoconlinux's avatar
Hola Fabián, seguro! ^_^
Yo ya hice algo hace un tiempo [link], pero quedaron un poco desactualizados. Qué tal si vamos armandolo en privado ok? estuve viendo y en los shots que estuviste publicando ya tenés algo de trabajo hecho con las aplicaciones no?
Lo único es que por ahora no tengo muuuucho tiempo, así que es esperable que pueda trabajar un poco sólo los fines de semana. Si te parece, vamos para adelante.
Un abrazo y gracias por comentar ^_^
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