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Elementary Champagne (Elementary Luna gtk3 mod)

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Hi guys,

I'm sharing a mod of the elementary gtk theme, it is based on a "champagne" color palette. Hope you like it (:

How to install?

1) Unzip the file
2) copy it into /usr/share/themes ...you will need sudo permissions to do that.
3) apply the stuff copying into a terminal this line:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme 'elementary_champagne'
3a) revert changes entering
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme 'elementary'

Enjoy!... (and don't forget to put some comment down there) ^_^

note 1: it is carefully matched with those apps that use gtk2 libs and confs (like libreoffice).
note 2: compatible with Elementary OS Luna only. No ubuntu... sorry guys : P
note 3: the window border is my previous deviation

Y si quieren pueden chequear mi blogsito, que siempre pongo cositas :P
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Very nice. Any thoughts on compatibility with Elementary Freya?
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Yes, in this case I think it can be easily achieved. In the case of Milk, sadly it will be outdated unless users decide to contribute with some donations. In the mean time, I'm making themes for gnome (3.16). Stay tunned. Cheers!
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I liked your theme and trying to make my cinnamon theme based pn your that but not successful. Please create a cinnamon theme also
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I may do it for a couple of bucks for sure :) are you in?
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Just curious, which file in this theme controls the transparency of wingpanel? I'd like to use it with the default theme, because I'd like it to be less dark, but still look good with the midori Firefox theme.
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It's the Apps.css file in the gtk3 folder. The section it's called "Panel" :)
Share your result! ; )
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Love this theme but I did not find the pearl/clear glass buttons on the left side of the window within the zip file. Do you have a link to the icon for them? Thank you.
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sorry but I didn't understood... What's a window within the zip file? ^_^
You should post a snapshot or something :)
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En ubuntu precise (la versión sobre la que está basado elementary luna) no funca?
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oh sisi, cómo que no ;)
El snapshot es de un precise 12.04 con Elementary OS daily. Por si necesitás más información, estoy preparando un post porque reformatié, en el que explico en 3 pasos cómo pasar de un U12.04 a tener un Elementary OS a pleno. rhoconlinux.wordpress.com
Igual cualquier cosa que necesites chiflá : )
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compatible with archlinux??
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hey!.... hmmm... really don't know. But if you can find the gala window manager's packages in aur I think you might get it work! ...let me know how it went ^_^
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jivebsHobbyist Interface Designer
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jivebsHobbyist Interface Designer
thanks a bunch.. i love your work.. ill put some screenshots soon.
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flcbProfessional Interface Designer
Nice colors. You don't see many beige themes unforunately.

Shame it's elementary only.
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I liked your theme and trying to make my cinnamon theme based pn your that but not successful. Please create a cannon theme also
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: )
about the compatibility ...it's really not my fault, I just prefer elementary over ubuntu... so I made a theme for elementary OS ...the performance, man, the performance compared to unity it's just, waaaay out of the range. And this theme is just one possible customization that can be done within this outstanding enviroment.
So, if you have some time, give it a try. You won't regret it : )

Gracias por comentar ;)
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flcbProfessional Interface Designer
I switched from Ubuntu to Arch years ago. Going to Elementary would be a downgrade for me, performance wise.

I like some of the ideas in their desktop but they have too tight integration and too many "reinventing the wheel" custom apps
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Sorrry bro but where is the link??
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dude, it's on the left, scroll down just below "browse more like this".
: )

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jajaja, ON THE RIGHT ON THE RIGHT ... my girl allways complains about my lack of knowing left-right things : P (specially driving jajaja)
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quandry247 Digital Artist
you're not sorry!
good work tho, praise
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