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| Blumix | [minimal Gtk3.10 theme] (updated 1.2)

By rhoconlinux
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[Update 1.2]: Several bugs and style stuff solved. Sadly the gtk engine in 3.10 shows the cut-off in the dialog buttons again (also in Numix), so a complete rewrite based on Adwaita will carried. Until that, this is what it is, no more bug solving, all features freezed. :( I'm kinda frustrated.
Download 1.2:

Blumix Gtk Theme: Simple. Rounded. Essential.
Started as a minimal Blue-ish Mod for Numix Gtk3 Theme, now, with some perspective, it's growing with its own identity. It runs in gtk3.10, gtk3.8,  gtk3.6, gtk2 and metacity3. Oh, yeah. The metacity is intend to be like that: minimal. Mouse over to see the buttons. :)

An updated, newer, better version of this theme gnome-look.org/content/show.ph… also present here rhoconlinux.deviantart.com/art…

You can install it through a Ninja-Install, one command to appy it. Just go here and read the instrucions: github.com/rhoconlinux/Blumix#… or if you speak spanish go here: rhoconlinux.wordpress.com/2014…

Remember to Install the dependences!!! Otherwise it will not work right:
sudo apt-get install -y gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf gtk3-engines-unico

This means the theme requires murrine, pixbuf and unico engines installed on your system. If you do not have them, Firefox, Thunderbird, Libreoffice and other gtk2 programs will not draw the theme (and you will get a win95 look).

Manual install:
Download the file. Once you got it, uncompress the zip. Browse the uncompressed content and copy the folder named Blumix in /usr/share/themes/ (this will require root access). Apply it with your favourite tunning tool (gnome-tweaks, unity-tweak, ubuntu-tweak... etc.). If you can't see properly some apps read the note above... probably you should install the required engines to make it work. You can also pass by and give a like and or fork/clone it in github if you feel so. If you see anything odd, please report a bug (in github) or drop a comment down there.

Full Review and Screenshots rhoconlinux.wordpress.com/2014… (in spanish)

Project on Github: github.com/rhoconlinux/Blumix#…

Oh! Remember to fav if you liked it. This is a work made with love, ment for sharing. So please be kind and share your critics, comments, impressions down there!. :)

Changelog V1.0.0.1 [Feb. 2014]
Fixed the banner type-o.
I hate doing banners. : P

Changelog V1.0 (yey!) [Feb. 2014]

New revisited Gtk3 theme: Now focused on gtk3.10 (no further development for previous gtk versions -3.6, 3.8-, sorry). New toolbars, Headerbars, Buttons, new buttons-headers-indicators-checks rounding (all over to gain coherence), new neat scrollbars, fixed distances, early version of animations. Several detail focused fixes.
New Gtk2 theme, massively reworked: *scrollbars *buttons focus *separators (now are transparent! ^_^) *Handlers (Transparent) *Incresed integration *Libreoffice integration *Menu-button policy *Use of pixmap to force fixing some stuff
New Window Borders: Focused (unfocused) effect, rounding, lateral borders fix, new buttons, elements ported to svg.
First granite wigets integration (Elementary OS). New tabs, colors and stuff. :P

Nautilus: complete rework. Now it is minimal. But really minimal. (oh!... and usable too!). :)

**New dependences. **It now requires an additional engine to draw pixmaps (besides murrine). In ubuntu, run in a terminal the following line in order to install it: sudo apt-get install -y gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf gtk3-engines-unico
© 2014 - 2020 rhoconlinux
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hot theme. amazing work here.
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I love simple
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Please download link for you system icons ! so amazing ! :)
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just saying... 7 months before Yosemite. ...Just saying. :)
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well... wow! it was high time for a decent unix theme here! well done! loving it! :)
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Thanks a lot, really appreciated. I'm rewriting the whole stuff because of that freaking bug :P  but, hopefully by april I'll get something done. Stay tunned! :)
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hell yeah! looking forward to it!
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Definitely going to try it. :)

Keep up the good work!

PS. Keep your head up! It's sometimes frustrated, but all for a good desktop right? :P
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jajaj, thanks man. Thumbs up! : )
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The theme is very nice on xfce. Are you planning, in the future, to include a xfwm4 theme?
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I have no true experience with xfce, except for some installs on the mood "just curious". I'll be glad to help if someone want to try to do it though : )

Plus, as I mentioned, I will rewrite the whole stuff so that will take some time (and hence any additional functionallity will have to wait).

In short, I don't know how to do it, but I can provide all the assistance at my hand. :)
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Nice, do a dark version please!!!! Heart  +fav 
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first on the line are around 20 bugs (you can see them on github), then expand the integration from gnome to unity and cinnamon (at least), and then I'll play with the dark theme. : )
Thanks for comment! And don't forget to tell me if you see something odd! ^_^
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light grey text on white background. it is absolute unreadable, hurts the eyes and looks gay.
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WTF?! what's your problem?
I saw your profile, you have problems insulting and treating despectively other people's work... you should see what you are able to do instead of throw shit to other people.

Plus, you didn't even wrote whta's your damn problem. Probably you miss some stupid package. If someone have the same issue, read my response to the other person, because you won't get anything from me. period.
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Like it!
Thanks!!!! Love 
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you're welcome!  ; )
Enjoy and stay tunned cause I'm fixing several things. :)
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AWESOME WORK! it looks amazing in my crunchbang! Thanks for sharing, Rho!
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