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[Awn theme] Elementary Blackmarmol

Hi guys, just sharing my current AWN theme using with Elementary OS Luna +1.

Install: (you will need AWN, so first install it by typing: sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator -y)
1) download and unzip the file. The theme file is .tgz
2) Open AWN and go to the theme preferences, push install new theme, and select the file.

Instruction on how to use awn in Elementary OS avoiding conflicts with plank: [link] (it's in spanish... but google translator should work for you as well ^_^)

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This is a proof of concept, using Vala GTK+3.
- GtkWindow
- GtkBox
- GtkGrid
- GtkButton
- GtkHeaderBar
- *.desktop files

Please, help to improve forking the project here:…

Captura de tela de 2017-11-16 00-04-46 by ArchGothic  
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hey, what's the plank theme?
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jajajaj :P
it's AWN not Plank, Awn is another dock software : )
You can install it directly through the Ubuntu Software center or add a PPA if you are running 13.10 or greater. Awn is under development again after a long time, but it's still a gorgeous and powerful dock. It diserves a try. ; )
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Oh..My bad.Thanks for clarifying that. It looks like a good dock, I'll give it a try! :)
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hey rho! nice work man... looks gr8... did u check out the slim type panel for elementary?
also, since u like clouds it seems, herez a fav picture of mine:
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AWESOME! thanks man ;D
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glad u like it...
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