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Tutorial Revamp

Revamp a tutorial?! Why the hell not? It was an old one. Been revamping lately. So I decided why not revamp an old tutorial lol. I never really cared for the sprite I did for it so here we go. Here's a link to the original!

Using Colors by RHLPixels

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Yeah... Pixelart is not a piece of a cake, I see. So complex, but it really worth the efforts.
Thank you very much for the tut!
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Thank you! And it sure is a lot of work haha but it's worth every single pixel and personally I find the whole process very fun. I love it.
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This is really good

Hope more pixel artists and fellow sonic spriters look at this as well.
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Wow thank you so much!
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Great revamp, you might wanna add a link to this one in the description of the old one
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Eiii, great idea! Thank you senor!
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This is great!! Thank you so much!! >w<
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Aw, thank YOU!
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sofreaking changed, thisone looks alot better and feels good also. It feels brave
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Ahh thank you so much!! I never cared for the original sprite, I'm much much happier with this new one =D
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