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Tree Trunk Texture

Here's a simple tutorial on texturing tree trunks with pixels. Hope it's helpful! Credit to Blear25 for suggesting I do this tutorial and letting me use the outline of a tree he did and that I edited so I didn't have to do all the tree work over again for the tutorial bravo sir thanks
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What a great guide! Thanks. :glomp: You make it sound so easy though.
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Ahhh thank you so much! It's deceivingly easy lol the main thing is to not be shy with the shadows, when I say scribble in big clusters I mean SCRIBBLE in some BIG-ASS clusters. It's seriously what makes the whole thing. It takes it look so planned and calculated too which can be intimidating to look at when someone else makes it, but it's seriously literally just scribbles that are cleaned up lmao it's the Bob Ross technique, don't think too much about it just slap it with the brush and magic happens.
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Going to use this for some tiles I've been meaning to do for a long time- thanks for the tutorial and for the much needed boost!
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Thank you so much, my pleasure! Always happy to be of help!
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AAh this is awesome, thanks so much for this!
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Thank you, pleasure's all mine!
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