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Shinies tutorial and announcement

Patreon update announcement; On the first of March I am shifting the focus of my Patreon ( from my comic to tutorials. Comic production has been inconsistent so it's more viable for me to do weekly tutorials. Here's a sneak peak!

The tutorials will be free to see for everyone, rewards will allow supporters to say what kind of tutorials they want to be made. My comic will still keep going too, but it's going to get its own dedicated page :)
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Another one of these amazing tutorials, thank you!
I hope patreon goes well, and aww, I am glad to see we will see many more <3
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Aw thank you so much <3 I love how productive these weekly tutorials keep me, I always have something to work on and it makes me constantly want to learn more to share more n_n
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Seeing how I'm spriting various versions (Size wise that is) of Planet Cybertron this will be of great help. Though the odd bits of the planet that look like the incomplete parts of the Death Star 2 still have me a bit baffled.
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Wonderful, so glad it can help at least a little!
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very cool lesson
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Thanks, glad to hear!
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Thanks! I learnt some stuff. :eager:
I'm glad that the comic isn't completely out of the picture, I was a scared there for a hot second. Tutorials are good too though of course. Don't burn out.
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Thank you so much! I still got lots of plans for the comic luckily :D I'm just not fast enough to get it out constant enough as I'd like, I want weekly material for my Patreon and the comics aren't a reliable weekly source yet. I can pump out a tutorial in a day though so I know I can handle one of them a week :D
Thank you for sharing this with the community! :D
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My pleasure! I'll be posting up my weekly tutorials here too n_n
Looking forward to seeing more! ^^
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Thank you for the useful tutorial~ I'll be sharing this with a friend who's starting to do more and more pixels!
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Aw thank you, I am so glad to hear!!
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