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Pixel Basics

I'm sorry I've been dead around here; I'm currently working on a rather big project for a pixel competition that can be found here… (It should be worth the wait, I've been working day and night on the piece!)

In the meantime, I did this simple basic tips and advice to make pixel art a little easier for anyone just getting into it; nothing technical is covered here, this is just little tid bits to help ease the load while learning the technical aspects of pixel art.
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This has probably been asked before but I can't find it: What program do you use to create your pixel-works? Thanks :) 
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For the most part, XP's edition of MS Paint! For my Patreon assets (Clothing, hair, face parts etc...) I use Graphics Gale because the layers help tons but everything else is MSP!
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Amazing work! I have corel draw but I am thinking of getting MS Paint or the equivalent on my mac to experiment, since i've heard so much about it. 
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OMG nice tips, thanks a lot for this. Also thanks for your color tutorials. I'm trying out pixel art, and I've been struggling with colors. "Don't be shy" is a great help xD
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aw, so glad to hear, thank YOU! :D Can't wait to see your pixel work in the future, love your fanart; you have exceptional taste in video games ;D
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No problem, I just wanted to let you know! Why, you flatter me :D Once more, thanks a lot for the watch, it made my morning~
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Kind of like my green-ish background in sprites, but yeah i don't recomend it to newbies.
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thanks for the tut man!
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Sweet! Really helpful! :3
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there are some really good tips in here! good job! :) 
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I always have some trouble with palletes, but I have never though of working on a grey canvas. 
Thanks for the tips :0
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The pixel competition seems like a good one! I wish I had time to work on it ^^"
Great tips as always~ ^^
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Thank you! :D There's a week left in this competition, if you keep an eye on these guys they'll have another competition after this one!
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Pocoyo: thank you for the tips! I think my main problem with pixeling is choosing a nice color palette! Sometimes i feel my colors lack that boldness you're speaking of and when i try to go off and use different colors it doesnt quite seem to match! What i like so much about your pixel art is your use of colors! I guess im going to have to practice and stufy some more in order to achieve the same feel!

Good luck with your contest~ im sure your hard work will pay off! ^v^
RHLPixels's avatar
Ahh, thank you so much! n____n always happy to help! And the colors will come to you with time, palettes are tough stuff but once you get the hang of it it gets easier and easier :D
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