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Palette Creation

Part 1 of how I go about creating my palettes. This is brushing the surface, I'll do up a second part in the next day or two :D

If anyone wants to delve into color theory, I highly encourage you to visit this page…
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Amazing!  I really appreciate this! I do both pixels and traditional art, and this is a fantastic guide for any sort of color work, be it digital or traditional.  Thanks for sharing your approach!  I'm looking forward to more tutorials from you :D
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omg thank you so much :.D Always happy to help, especially with either pixels or colors :D I've been experimenting with colors lately so I'm probably going to make another guide soon! I have a bunch of tutorials here, which are mostly color focused,…

Thank you again :.D
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Oh of course!  Thank YOU! :D
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Thanks for sharing this! I actually don't do pixel art, but the knowledge is still helpful! :D
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My pleasure, thank you!
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Awesome tutorial! Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1] 
I'm new to the RPG stuff, can I get a bit of help?
I was wondering if you can actually draw images to put into the game, and how you would do it.
Thanks so much :3
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What kind of images would you be looking at drawing? And do you mean like digital drawing, not pixel art? Or do you mean pixel art XD Sorry, so many questions. You can definitely draw images to use in RPG Maker. Face sets, portraits, character sets, backgrounds, pictures for cutscenes; let me know what it is you're after exactly and I'll try'n help you figure out how to do it!

Thank you so much though! :D
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I was thinking more along the lines of Face sets and sprites, but dang those all sound so awesome *o*

I think I'll start by learning about sprites and face sets. Do the documents need to be a certain size? And how do I put together a sprite and a face xD sorry if I'm bugging you too much lol.

And Np! I always have troubles with palettes and this really helped me :D
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Oh not a problem, give me a sec and I'll PM you
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This is a great tutorial, well explained and such a good technique.  Thanks!
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Aww thank you so much :D Always happy to help n_n
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Thank you for the helpful references!
RHLPixels's avatar
Aw my pleasure n_n
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Thanks you seems to be a fine sprites creator   ;)    Thanks to share to us your experience
RHLPixels's avatar
Aw thank you so much, and the pleasure's all mine n_n I've met some very kind pixel artists in my ongoing journey and want to return the kindness to the community
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This was a great read! Looking forward to more!
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Thank you so very much!! :D I love rambling rants so unfortunately they will all be filled with such XD
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This is a nice in-depth tutorial on your color theory. Thanks for sharing. :)
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Ahhhh thank you so much, you have no idea how happy this makes me to hear n_n
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Very cool.  Well-thought out!  Looking forward to seeing more. :)
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Ahhhh thank you so much, so glad to hear n___n
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Really useful, I was waiting for something like this because I suck at palettes. I recommend you not to make textlines with no more than 13 words, it´s a press standard.
buprettyinpink's avatar
I disagree, it's not an advertisement, it's a tutorial.  I'd rather read more text and learn your thought process than read a bunch of taglines
rbl3d's avatar
Anything with text blocks follows the rules of publishing design.
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