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Origanized Palette

I removed my original palette that I posted cause I just organized it all into nice and tidy palettes :) Combined a number of the color ramps into one palette (The one on the far right) and added a completely new one (On the left) that I will be using today, so stay tuned for a sample of it in use! :D

Hope you like, and as always, feel absolutely free to use, just give a mention and post a link of your work here cause I'd love to see what you come up with <3

I use these for pixels, but have tested the palettes with digital painting and they work well with that as well, so matter your medium feel free to use!
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ninja star pallete
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Oh! That palette. DAT PALETTE! :icondatassplz:
Is wonderful.
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Ahhhhhh thank you so muuuucch n_____n I just used the first one, the one on the far left, for the first time today and am rather pleased with it XD
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Hello! I've used some of the colours from this palette and have produced this image Ring.

P.S. The image contains all the colours from this palette but only a few are used.
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Ahhh and you used them so awesomely!!! <3 :D This is why i like seeing what people do with the palettes, you use them in ways I wouldn't even think of, it's awesome and fascinating to see :D Awesome piece!! And thank you for letting me know! *High five*
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You're welcome! :D I'm glad you like it!
Thank you for the compliments, you are too kind! :D

Hope to make even better things with it :eager:
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GOOD PIXELS MUST BE RECOGNIZED :D I know you're going to do awesome things!
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There's definitely something unique about your palette. I've found that I can spot your stuff easily among all the stuff in my watch.
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Ahhhh thank you so much! n______n That makes me so very happy to hear :D
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I agree with TJNihil ! When watching the deviantWATCH feed I can easily distinguish his work.

The palette is awesome!!! :D I might use it too :)

In fact I find that, eerily enough, both your artworks look at one point similar. In that the colours chosen are perfect to present the character they're used in and have a tendency towards less saturation rather than very vivid colours.
All in all this makes the artwork much, much better.
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AH THANK YOU! :D! That comparison is a flattering one n__n I like soft and creamy colors so i do tend to avoid vivid and "sharp" colors
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