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Mountain Tutorial

Welcome to the sequel of my rock tutorial! The rock tutorial can be found here… Much like the rock tutorial, this is very simple and basic to hopefully get people just starting out to get the ball rolling. It's more about the general idea, you stick with your own style and techniques that work best for you.

You can follow and/or support me and my work on my Patreon!

And as always, feel free to visit us friendly pixellers at NGS, where we all strive to help each other grow and improve as pixel artists!
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Thank you so much!! Always so happy to help n__n
Obeah's avatar
Thank you for a wonderful tutorial :)
RHLPixels's avatar
Thank you so much, my pleasure! :D
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This is really helpful!
BTW will you do a Tileset tutorial next?
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I've had a few people mention a tileset tutorial so I'll definitely add that to my list!
Fuumaru's avatar
super helpful! another great tutorial ^^
RHLPixels's avatar
So glad to hear, thank you! n_n
wanyo's avatar
Loving your tutorial series my friend! <3

It's so nice even just have a reminder to keep your brain thinking about these things when you're creating! :D
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Thank you so much bud!! Tbh I really enjoy making tutorials, they give me an excuse to enable about pixels lol cheers! <3
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It makes me wish I was better at tutorials / teaching people kind of thing. I always want to spread the love but don't really have a good way to do that often. Thanks for filling that gap, haha! <3
Iunya's avatar
Thank you, this is very helpful for a beginner like me!
RHLPixels's avatar
That's what I like to hear, Thank you! I want to spread all the pixel love and understanding that I can! I have a lineup of tutorials I plan on making this month so stay tuned for more!
Iunya's avatar
Cool, I'll watch you!
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Your tutorials are very good, and clear. Thanks for all, I keep an eye for the next every time. :happybounce: 
RHLPixels's avatar
Ahh thank you so much! One of my goals is to spread pixel love and understanding so this makes me one happy rhl :D working on the next tutorial now so it should be out this week!
ShuaTinwe's avatar
Good work in this case! I look forward to seeing the next ones as I liked precedents. ^^
TRUEvector's avatar
Cannot pass by without saying "Thanks again"!
RHLPixels's avatar
Aw, helping out always makes me happy, Thank you for taking the time to make my day a little brighter n_n
CyM31's avatar
Very helpful :)
RHLPixels's avatar
Thank you, always happy to help n_n
rbl3d's avatar
You should write a book with this.
RHLPixels's avatar
Shit, that would be fricken awesome! I want to do a bunch of tutorials, so maybe I'll eventually get enough done to make a little compendium Really Makes You Think in 360 
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