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More Palettes

So since the last palette page I put up, I've made a decent number of new palettes. The color outlining each palette is the intended outline color for the piece, but naturally, use whatever as you please lol.

Of course, you are free to use any of the palettes should you want to. If you do chose to use one, a mention would be nice and I would definitely be interested in seeing what you come up with!

Other palettes along with tutorials can be found here…
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Hi, I have question about making color palette for strategy game.
For example we have game for 8 players and of course everyone have his color ramp on units and how to make that color don't interfere with unit color.

And how would you organize it?

Here is my color palette:
[WIP] Problem of the Taca-Yici tribe by MadHatterWorkshop
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Oh yeah, and as for organizing it, I did a tutorial on that a long time ago Full Circle Color Ramps by RHLPixels
It's old though, I really should redo it n_n; let me know if anything's unclear or if you have more questions about the method.
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Hey there! A couple things you can do. You can add an outline to the characters to separate them from the BG, and you can also adjust the colors themselves. For color adjustment, I would recommend start the beginning of the color ramps high in saturation and then lower the saturation as the colors gets darker. Then, try to use as much of the lighter colors as you can on your characters, and use the darker low saturation color for the grass. If you can't create contrast and separation with the colors themselves, use saturation to create contrast. A bright figure will stand out on a darker/low saturation BG. Here's an example, the colors on the left are what I just talked about and I used some of your colors on the one on the right to show the difference in contrast
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Thanks for reply, I gonna try this but probably this will take me about month.
And of course I already watch you :3
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Have you heard of Fleja Master Palette? Iy`s my favorite!…
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would you mind me using this along with one of your building tutorials to make a cute little thing for my commission sheet? i really enjoy the beachy one down in the middle bottom row
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Please feel free to, I'd love to see what you do with them :D
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these colours are very nice to use! made this with them :'D
RHLPixels's avatar
Ahhh that is so cute!!! I love Peridot XD Thank you for letting me see, I feel so honored to have such a lovely piece made with one of the palettes :.D
Rinsae's avatar
Thanks for sharing this palette! <3
RHLPixels's avatar
My pleasure! n_n
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May I use this palettes? 
RHLPixels's avatar
Absolutely! :D I'd love to see what you come up with!
Banished-Dreams's avatar
Thank you very much for these!
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Sorry for the late reply, but my pleasure!! I love palettes and I like sharing haha
ClefairyKid's avatar
ohhhh this is so helpful!!! connecting colour palettes is what I'm specifially having trouble with :'D
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this is an interesting palette set.  Kinda inspires me to test with palette sets a little bit more.
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Thank you. Color is still something I struggle with. This'll be fun to play with.
RHLPixels's avatar
Aw, always happy to help! n__n I love both color theory and rambling about colors, so if you got any questions or if there's anything I can do to help with understanding anything about color don't hesitate to ask lol
Lucid-01's avatar
sweet.  . . . I has new friend.
RHLPixels's avatar
There is little I love more than pixels hahaha I like to think I'm easy to get along with and always more than happy to help!
Lucid-01's avatar
well, how about this then. I'm painting a new picture and I need a color palette for a wizards bedroom.  There will be floating lights and a Knight standing over the wizards bed.

Any sugesstions?
RHLPixels's avatar
Is it going to look like a night scene? Definitely lots of blues, probably some purples, and then yellow and/or green for the lighlights from the lights :D If you need a visual example I can definitely come up with an example set of colors
Lucid-01's avatar
I hadn't envisioned any windows. So the time of day isn't told. Adding a window for what I have might be a good idea. But the light from the window, and whatever is on the other side of it would have to emphasize the room itself. The room and not the characters in it are to be my focus.
I'm hoping to answer a question for the viewing audience. If a wizard slept in a bed what would that bed look like? So the room and all the furniture in it need to have a suitable color scheme, lighting, and (most importantly) design that tells the audience this is where a wizard sleeps. Even if I  don't depict a wizard. 

I think you're on to something. A night scene, with a window. A  wizard would sleep somewhere where he could see the stars.
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