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Jonah Steps

I did up a tutorial on how I went about creating this piece! I did it for this piece but the steps used can be applied to any pixel art you want to make to achieve this style should you want to give it a go.

If you love pixels come join us at NGS, a friendly and supportive community that strives to help each other grow as pixel artists;
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ahh I've always had trouble figuring out how to tie in limited color palettes! Your explanation really helps!
Thanks for making this and as usual, lookin 'forward to seeing more stuff from you
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Aww thank you so much, so so glad I could help n_n I have other tutorials on colors and palette composition here that show different palette building techniques as well!…
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great and thanks for this =D
RHLPixels's avatar
Aw thank you so much n_n
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amazing how a messy sketch of pixely lines can become such an awesome piece of art!! I always like seeing your processes!
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Thank you so much! And it's hard sometimes lol starting with either a messy sketch or basic line art looks so crazy, gotta hold on to that vision and have faith that it will look awesome XD
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Always interesting to see how people work.
amazing job btw!
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Thank you so much! :D And same, I always enjoy seeing how people go about creating their art, it's fun seeing a different perspective on things
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You know what? I might as well take this tutorial and try it out myself with some of my own Pixel artwork one day :D
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I would absolutely love to see what you come up with :D
VanillatheNeko's avatar
I'll gladly make sure to tag you then to see what I have created~<3
RHLPixels's avatar
Why thank you! n_n
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"Why", simple because I love pixel art, I came from Mugen world (is an engine to create beat'em up) and my best OC (called EvilSoul) exist only as pixel playble character. 
I love pixels!!! XD
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