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Building a soft but colorful palette

As the title says, a tutorial on palette building :D You can find other tutorials right over here!…

You can support me and my work via my Patreon, and you can also browse it for free!

And don't forget to visit us at NGS, a wonderful pixel community that's a great place to grow and learn. Come on over and shoot the shit
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LOVE THAT YOU STARTED MAKING TUTORIALS AGAIN. Also, I have a feeling you'd really like a certain mobile game if you haven't tried it out yet. It's called Blendoku. IT'S AWESOME. It makes me think of this, and actually it's pretty amazing that playing so much of it has actually made it much easier for me to pretty quickly see the bridge between colors.
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Ahhh thank you so much! And I so need to check that game out, if it helps with spotting the bridge between colors then it's right up my alley XD
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Sorry about the delay T_T I'm so bad at keeping up with responding to comments. Yes!!!! It's a lot of fun. Let me know if you get the chance to play it. <3
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Thanks for your advice :) 
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Thank you, always happy to help n_n
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Interesting method, thanks for sharing!
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Very nice! Just about time I start to study pallets! Thank you, again!
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My pleasure, always glad to help n_n
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Thank you very much for this! ~ ♥
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 Aw no problem, thank YOU!
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Thank you for making this!!
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