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Breath of Fire Palette

Well, I figured before embarking on my quest to draw a bunch of Breath of Fire characters I may as well make a palette for them inspired by the artwork of Breath of Fire! I attempted to make the palette look like if the palettes in BoF3 and BoF4 met halfway.
Example of it in use;

Feel free to use, just link it back so I can see what you do with it :D

I did a test page to see how the color work together. ;
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This is a really gorgeous color palette! 
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OOoooo new palette! I love your palettes!
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Ahhhh, thank you!! Imma make up a unique palette for each set of video game chars O__O Each one will take me a while to do up though so lol I'm hoping I'll be able to see some distinct progress and improvements from palette to palette and from group of characters to group of characters
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I am so terrible with color management. Your tutorials have been very helpful. :)

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Aw, so happy to hear :.D I love pixels, and I love pixel palettes even more so never hesitate to ask any questions n_n
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I'm sure I will have a lot of questions for you in the near future. Haha

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