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Welcome to this weeks tutorial, Anti-Aliasing! Stay tuned for next week's tutorial, small sprite composition; how do where go detail?

I am doing weekly tutorials for my Patreon Page, tutorials are free to see and support is just an option!
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Thanks for sharing this ! :)
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This is what I have problems with the most. Me and my friend struggle lol, but we'll push through. Thanks for sharing this.
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Thank you, always happy to help!
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I feel like I over anti-alias. Like not necessarily in a way that looks bad, it just blurs the edges so much it doesn't look like pixel art anymore haha.
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ME TOO lmao one of my goals for this year is to simplify how I AA. I've been sutting back on it and damn does it save time XD
Thank you for sharing this! :)
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ahh!!  this is something i've been meaning to learn for a while now  *v*  thanks for this!  <3 <3
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Ahh thank you so much so glad to hear!!
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would this be good to use for all neighboring color areas in a sprite, or is it only good for the outer edges?
on a similar note, can AA be done on the edges if your bg is transparent/non-existent?
lol i feel like these are such noob questions, but i've genuinely never dabbled with AA stuff in pixel art before  ^^;

((if you were going to get into these questions in a later tutorial, then i can just wait for that  <3 ))  
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You can certainly use it between neighboring colors in general! Lines, clusters, all the things can be AA'd.

And TBH now that you mention it I really should have covered coloring outlines on a transparent BG. There's one super important rule; only AA the inside of the line art. Don't apply any AA to any ends facing away from the sprite. This way you keep the AA to the sprite itself. You can't apply it outside because there's no stable BG color for a transparent BG piece. Examples
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ahh you are so helpful!!  ;v;
thanks so much for taking the time to answer, i'm looking forward to playing around with AA~  <3
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Any time! Always happy to help :D
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RHL you're the best.
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Great! Which program do you use?
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Thank you! I use Graphics Gale and XP edition MSPaint
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I just started to try out using AA in my Pixel Art and I feel like this is going to be very helpful!
Your Tutorials are really amazing and helpful by the way! Thank you so much for doing this :heart:
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Thank you so much, so glad to hear! Don't hesitate to bring questions my way, I love pixel talk!
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Everytime I star AAing I just can't stop :XD:
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