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Basic Manipulation Plan

Yeah, a very terrible guide for manipulation editing xD
It would have been better and more detailed, but while making that piece (Greet the Sea) I kept forgetting to save at intervals... Too carried away!

Hopefully I'll be able to do some more How-To guides, especially for my fellow Role-Players.
Since I'm not so active in the gritty business anymore, it's important for me to teach the newbies some of the veteran skills.
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I was wondering (although I personally use the smudge tool, as I yet do not have a tablet or know not of how to import brushes/my own flowing "fur", if you will, into a picture), after you, say, crop a head or paw or some thing or other into the picture, how do you make it/create it so that they meet and the finished wolf/horse comes together? [Like how you did from Step One to Step Two.]

I am merely wondering, since I (unfortunately) have to use "GIMP", but I've finally gotten around to make a few manipulations, ultimately.
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Kind of simple question but I see where you're coming from. You're going to make the new head/leg/whatever a new layer, then drag it into place over the body. It will look funny with two heads, just focus on the new one. Then you go and erase the original body as needed, so you don't see it behind the new area. >>>On this piece, you would select the layer containing the new head. Then zoom in and very carefully erase the fur at the neck so it blends into the fur of the original body. Quick, small strokes usually work best, always going in the direction of the fur. You may need to do some recoloring to get the colors right– play around with hue/saturation, vibrancy as needed. You can see there were some slight color differences between the two photos. Smudge as needed to get rid of any sharp eraser lines around the fur, careful not to overdo it. Hope that helps :)
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Oh, alright, I'll try that! :) I hope it helps, too.. Not that I doubt your advice/help, of course.
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Your photomanipulations are awesome :D
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Thanks so much! I'm glad to be an inspiration c: