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[ summer & fall ]

name - bool
age - 14
gender - ♀
species - Mammalian monster
heritage - Chinese, White (Irish, German) mix
birthday - October 21 (10/21/1998) ♎ | earth tiger
height & body - around 5"4; skinny/average. bigger hips
personality - ENFJ. Lazy, easygoing, flexible, indecisive, creative, and joking. Can be really nervous and quiet or loud and fun! Tries to be as optimistic as she can. Laughs often and finds lots of things funny even when they shouldn't really be!
hobbies - Drawing, knitting, singing, guitar
relationships - Sister to Slide (my bro's fursona), bffs with Blanks/any of *swailor's sonas

❁ ❁ ❁

As with most of my characters, Bool has a completely flexible design!! Feel free to go crazy, give her floppy ears, make them bigger, change her snout shape, it's fine! You definitely don't have to draw her with hair either! I experiment so much with her design all the time so don't feel restricted to this design at all haha!!

I made Bool around late September in 2011, and she's been one of the easiest connecting 'fursonas' I've had. While she represents me, she also feels like something I can draw to cheer myself up or just doodle with. She's me, but also a friend to me, as dumb as that sounds! I want to see how much she grows and develops as my art skill progresses!

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Wahh qt 
This is so gr8 
rhisan's avatar
omg thank you bby ♥♥♥
Sulfate-free's avatar
nnnnNOOOO I might just cry she is too cute 
oh my god
rhisan's avatar
WAHH thank yOOOU
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Cute very cute.Nice job.
rhisan's avatar
thank you!! ♥
acebird1234's avatar
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She is absolutely ADORABLE dsjkhfgfjkddhg ;U; I love this girl!!!
slipprs's avatar
she's beautiful ahhhh great design

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thanks!! %u2661
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rhisan's avatar
starts yelling with you. every dog in the United States howls along to the sound. madness spreads across America
skuIIs's avatar
holly i s2g where do u come up with these things
rhisan's avatar
I've seen hell
Magicpawed's avatar
I really loove bool!!
The spots are perfect!! Like a baby deer al,ost <3
and the colors are fab ugugg
I love your style so much!!
and boool looks alot like you!! 
she totlly represents you and I love that <3
rhisan's avatar
YELLS thank you!!! %u2661%u2661%u2661
sheep1sh's avatar
My god she is ADORABLE
rhisan's avatar
omg thanks haha!!
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omg its so cute~!!!
rhisan's avatar
omg thank you!!
QuietRoses's avatar
Your so welcome >~<
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and i like how you put 'any of swailors sonas' i NEED TO FIGURE THAT WHOLE THING OUT STILL FRICKIGN
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