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Here is the thing you know all these bios. Look I don't see my self as a thief at least I hope I m Not. Studios Like Nick and Cartoonnetwork and Disney basically don't even post these any more. So these are from their trash cans. Lot of these I randomly grabbed from google image with out regards where they came from some copied from other people sites. I would love to tell you where they came from but someone might put a nasty comment the other copier not with the official studios might get mad get rid of it and it will be gone for ever. I seen it happen before guy/gal gets mad or gets caught by the official studios and they them selves or studio deletes his/her stuff forever with no chance of putting it back. I Trying to be an archaeologist preserve lost history. The way I see it I m not sneaking into someones house and taking ancient extinct work Im sneaking in and magically cloning ancient extinct work. I do not Take credit for any of the bios I just trying to preserves old work Who know maybe the other guys will decide nah I don't need this and delete their stuff forever Please give me your honest opinion.
Idea for a Superman video game Lets say the first 3 levels is just for practice and he is in full power then. A chunk meteor of red kryptonite fly into the sun superman spots it and he notice it's to small to be a problem