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Because of my new theory have to read to under stand the rest  THE Kevin 100 percent power theory. by RhinoWing 

And because I'm personally not a fan of the one tenth rule I decided to let kevin have full 100 percent of the animals abilities. By only using earth species DNA he never shifts to more Osmosian then human. (read theory) 

And heres a refresher on the AU 

In this Version with Gwen getting the omnitrix instead of Ben. Kevin at the time when they first meet he never finds out that it is even a thing. Xlr8 Save him like the origenal him and ben and him become temporary pals. The story goes sorta a little in a way the same But Kevin never absorbs the omnitrix he never even see's gwen transform and Gwen Knew what he can do so she would not let him get near her. Kinda easy since Kevin wasn't trying to absorb her. Over time with no mutation he focus on the powers he already has. 

He eventualy learns matter absorption and absorbing the DNA of animals combing with his electrical abilities.

With matter absortion he can amp the animal abilties to levels they can only dream of, for example with cheetah speed amp with metal he can reach 640 MPH.

He doesn't really want to absorb the omnitrix because he feels his powers are already super similar to Gwens Plus he notices that Gwens transformation are all female and no self respecting 11 year old boy sane or insane would do that to him self.

He stalks Gwen it's more of I have better powers then you rivalry thing, then a Im a monster and its your fault like the original. He does develop a bit of a crush on her the more they encounter.
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Kevins powers are sorta like the master control he can change into anything at will, plus since he use earth species DNA he never mutates into a monster.

He can also go from half animal to perfect form remember when he was trying to frame ben and he turn into perfect copies of his aliens.

Gwen had to rely on time limit rule for a while until she unlocked the omnitrix master control she lost it like Ben did.

But the first day she got it she wrote down all she remembered doing to the watch that unlocked it.

She went on a journey trying to get it back and she never does.

She ounce in frustration tries to hit the watch on the wall at the rust bucket but forgot that's where the window was and they had to put a wood board their for a while.

She does however does learn that trick from alien force where you just put your hand on the symbol and change right on form. (Remember all the quick changes Albedo and Ben did in their fight when they first met.)

She also unlocks Humangasuar, jet ray and big chill on some of her unlock tries.

Sometime later in the future, Kevin accidentally gets hit by doctor animos helmet beam. This evolves his powers that he no longer has the 1/10 rule any more.

Now the animals abilities are at 100 percent. He also doesn't have to absorb animal DNA anymore he now can tap into the genetic code of every animal that has ever lived on earth that includes Dinosaurs.

He now has the powers at full, of all the species that had ever live on earth combine with his matter and energy absorption(By the way he still never goes crazy).

This came at a price, when Kevin tries to absorb Tetrax (that diamond head with the flying boards) powers he realises he can't take any alien powers.

Now it's the of all earth wild life, alive and extinct enhanced with mater absorption and lightning vs the powers of the omnitrix.

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DAFrostbite AU Questions: What would happen if Orin was born with brown hair instead of blonde hair (Atlanteans for a long time had been superstitious towards blonde haired Atlantean babies no thanks to Kordax who they saw as deformed and would abandon the infants on the ocean floor) and was born and raised in Atlantis alongside his mother, Atlanna, the queen of the kingdom?

What happens if King Trevis didn't kill himself and raised Orin (who wouldn't been Aquaman in any other universe) as his own? What happens if he and his son both knew about the latter's real father from Atlanna once Orin grows up?

What happens if he's MORE dedicated and determined to defending Atlantis, and in some cases, mostly the ocean, than the rest of the world? Would it be likely that he'll fight alongside other heroes against big threats to the planet IF those threats attempt to rule over or destroy Atlantis? Could he also be the heroes and the other surface worlders' enemy too sometimes?

Finally, what if Orin meets his true father, Atlan soon after his coronation? Soon after he becomes the new king of Atlantis?

Note: The scenario and "what if" questions are based around the Aquaman story, "Aquaman: The Atlantis Chronicles". Specifically, issue seven of that series.
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thanks for the unwatch I guess