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Created for Paizo Publishing. Wanted it to seem like he cares more about his appearance than hi job.
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Maces are usually carried at the belt with the head upwards, like you would carry an axe.
You do not want to have sharp flanges whacking at your leg while you walk.

Also, maces would generally be carried by people in armor, in specific military contexts where they could encounter armored foes.

Authorities such as constables, guards and tax collectors would be carrying truncheons, sometimes with a sword as a backup.
(As far as lethal force goes, swords are much more efficient at neutralizing unarmored peasants; and law enforcement often had the privilege of being allowed to carry a sword while on duty (a privilege otherwise reserved for the nobility in most places).)
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I've always been fond of wide-brimmed hats. Fabulous job!
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I think you succeeded! He reminds me of the Sheriff from Robin Hood stories.
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I love that beard.