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Done for Invulnerable RPG. Loved the quirky brief for this, seemed to channel some Serge Birault with the face sketch (very happy about that too!)

Still running into rendering problems though. One day I might loosen up.
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Who knows? Sex robots might just look like this someday...
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Very good drawing. Ask, can she remove the entire human skin from the sole of her feet to her black hair?
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I right understand, what her breast is hollow and fix with screws?) It's hard? =)
Or after assembly difference is not found? )) Interesting girl!
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so were are the jokes about her wanting to be screw? she has a tool in her hand that looks similar to gigant screw... what is wrong with me?
I love everything about this! Please tell me there will be more like this!
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Dude, this is so cool! Great concept, and humor. She looks sexy, funny, and bizarre all in one. Cheers!
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I love her hair and face, and how everything looks so smoothed and shiny. Plus, its a rather humorous concept! :D
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makes me remember galatea from bicentenial man, that being her name and also being an android.
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Marvelous work all around. The style and theme are very deftly done. The scifi sort of eroticism and seduction of a robotic temptress with her inner workings exposed fille the mind with much worry that perhaps there is really such a mechanical Mistress out there somewhere who could make you fall in lust unknowingly with a machine. Of course inquiring minds really want to know just the exact nature of the Lady's bizarre device and what she employs it for when she throws her breast plate open and pulls a few of her internal connections out.
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This is awesome.
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I was thinking Galatea from Dali.
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In all honesty I still don't know how to pronounce this one's name :/
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Whatever. XD
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Very cool, the detail is incredible!
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Thanks, I don't know if the detail is really good, I think I just finally got the placement of facial features and values right :)
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Well, I tink it is just wonderful. ^_^
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