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Even the butterflies.

Even the butterflies come in pairs.
Don't go away, don't leave me alone


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Blessings....I love it:)
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:aww: This picture is soo wonderful! Love it! :heart:
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ohmygosh this is lovely!!
I love, love, absolutely LOVE this pic!
I especially love how you used the green grass, right below the gray sky
....the girl in plain, simple (but still stunning) gray dress, right beside the vibrant/colorful butterflies.

I don't know if you intentionally made this picture the way it is (i mean, with all the symbolic imagery and all that...), but I see a completely different story out of this picture. (a happy/sad moment...etc etc). Its absolutely amazing!

Anyhow, I'm writing a very, very short story (on my blog) & this pic would go PERFECTLY with it, so I was wondering if I could use this as a supporting illustration for my story? (full credits provided of course!).
Please get back to me on this,
waiting for your reply...

- Tahian
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Sure :) Glad you like it so much.
Could you please send me the link after you're finished with it though? I wouldn't mind reading it :D
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wow, spelled my name wrong T_T
- TaNiaH.
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wow, this looks so kool. It's like u actually took the pic and didn't use stock images :D
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I think this looks lovely! Very well done. :nod:
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*O* wonderful! X3
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