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Mako Mori - Pacific Rim By Rheza Maulana

digital painting of Rinko "hairy monster" Kikuchi, as Mako Mori from Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim is easily one of my favorite film of 2013.

I'm open for art commission work , if you're interested please send your request to: 

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hey, thanx! :D
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this is amazing!!!!!! :)
rhezM's avatar
oh you.. Meow :3 

thanx! :D
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Great and well-ellaborated portrait.
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thank you for your comment! :D
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You must wellcome!
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it's good but there's a little too much detail, it's not particularly flattering. Though, depending on what you were going for, that may not be a bad thing.
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appreciate your comment Michael! :D 
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This is so amazing! I really love this style and composition! Congratulations! Love
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hi! i absolutely love this artwork and i'd love to feature it in a news article i'm writing on pacific rim and the bechdel test! i'd cite you as the artist with a link back to this post. if that's not okay please let me know! thank you so much! - Aja /…
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Hi there! 

thank you for your comment, and I'm glad you liked my artwork. of course you can use it in your article, as a matter of fact I feel honored! :) 

I read your article, and it's a very interesting article! bechdel test is an interesting (controversial?) topic for me, yet it's not generally known. 
I love Mako Mori's characterization, because I think there's more of her rather than just an easy on the eye bimbo. (could it be one of the reason why PR isn't doing that well in the US? 'it might be, but who knows) 

overall, I enjoy reading your article. I'd love to discuss it with you sometime! ;) 
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I came here from that article, myself.  Great work.  Very well done.  (I like your "Last of Us" Ellie, too.)
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thank you, I appreciate it. 
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Awesome! I saw the movie last night and LOVED it! :D
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so glad you enjoy the film! :D
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Gorgeous! So determined, focused, confident and beautiful ...
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not sure if you're talking about the painting or the character, hhe
big thanx nonetheless! 
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the painting .... haven't seen the movie yet :)
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then what are you doing, replying my comment..?? go see the movie NOW!! :D
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