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Watercolour Study - The Present

It was a tranquil and warm little town where the green dinosaur could roam around the tight housing complex in his silent paces simply to avoid the hot asphalt road well-roasted by the morning sun. That day he wore his favourite brown hat that are proudly adorned with a jade green feather graciously sent to him at his previous birthday few days ago from an exotic avian pen-friend staying in an equally warm town in a tropical island around the equator. Through the windows array in front of him, he could see a pig couple crossing the street after saying goodbye to their old farmer's cattle-friend at the local market. He supposed they might be rushing to the all-year-long Tivoli fare that has just opened around that quarter-hour. It was actually not as crowded as in holidays but still it could be said that lots of people went there throughout the day for the sake of meet-greeting the rest of the cheerful hamlet inhabitants who seemed to be in constant excitement with the ever-changing assorted amusements available in the fare.

=After Thoughts=
Practicing over an illustration by Mattias Adolfsson. :sigh: I still haven't really understand watercolour.

The Present by Mattias Adolfsson

=Materials and Tools=
2B Mechanical Pencil
Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencil used as cake
Adobe Photoshop (Level Adjustments)
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