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I Need to Run Around All Over The Worlds

Fay D. Flourite (ファイ・D・フローライト)

=After Thoughts=
It's so hard to start practicing. I have bought my Intuos for a long while ago, thinking that I would then compelled to start honing my drawing skills on the digital medium. Alas, my Intuos has been idle more often than not. There's a tingling sensation that tells me that I will have difficulties in copying the reference picture because of the huge gap between where I am and where those artists I admire. And I ended up collecting references and admiring them rather than hitting the tablet and start practicing; despite of the burning determination to produce some drawings within the day.

On the other hand, finally, I've also managed to stop trying to find a comfortable brush for digital drawing. It's relatively hard to try to search how other artists configure their digital brushes; they usually give you their brush sets but somehow these sets are not quite comfortable to use because I am not used to them and the choices available are still perplexing. So I decided to just simply start with the good old hard round brushes with some particular settings that make sense to me. :P

Oh my, despite the fact that this is just a copy of other people's work for practice, it is so satisfying to see my own work finished and my DA gallery got a little update. :D

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Chapitre 20. End of The War (Page 19)

=Materials and Tools=
Intuos Pro Medium
Adobe Photoshop
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