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Branding - Orange Marmalade

This is just a random design practice; a brand for my mom's homemade marmalade. I ended up tracing several types to get some feel of the strokes. :D

=After Thoughts=
I am always fascinated with branding and the use of typography in it. I frequently find myself happily awed by the marvelous combination of colours, icons, shapes, and typesettings in well-designed brand. Yeah, especially typesettings. I am still amused on how a type designer could make new designs for the same set of alphabets when the difference with the existing ones is very subtle, yet they could always produce a strikingly beautiful distinct/different typeset at the end.

I love to read books/websites on packaging and typography; so sometimes I think I have a better vocabulary to base my design senses. However, I am always doubt my design skills because I have never really learned it formally and never really have my design used other than for my own stuff. Haha.

=Materials and Tools=
2B Mechanical Pencil
Faber-Castell Colour Pencil
Adobe Photoshop (Level Adjustments, Layout, and Clean Up)
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