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Design Study #1 for project
a non profit, environmental project aimed at raising funds for tree planting projects.

the cute little tree pixel art in the middle [link] is from Serena Samborski [link] and is only included for mockup purposes, and will not be included in the coded version (if this layout is approved) unless permitted.

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amazing! very neat.
ramphool's avatar
very nice job...

please view my profile....


rickydeviant's avatar
Gr8. Especially love the footer.
jhnvz's avatar
like you're syle! Great work.. Although i think there's to much text in it.
Zortje's avatar
Great color picks, and love the shadows and lightning effect you have on the text and the small pictures and icons are really great :)
douglasferraz's avatar
very beautiful...which is the used source in the green part?
Harkos1's avatar
Very nice. What font is used on the title of the green section?
Mastermango's avatar
I like, very well layed out.

Just some friendly criticism:

the little tree is cute and looks good, but I would play with the idea of a giant tree centered and flowing behing the main content. maybe some leaves laying on the grassbox (green box "mid container" ).

Other than that, I like great job
juggernautical's avatar
Wow, this has been handled so delicately. I adore the little details like the drop-cap and little images that poke outside of the boxes. (The seedling at the top and tree at the bottom is a really nice touch.) :+fav:
Nokadota's avatar
this is a very nice concept. i like how well the fonts are done in each color section, the readability is excellent. quite a problem for some other sites.
rheyzer's avatar
thank you very much, I appreciate your comment.
FrozenTheaterD's avatar
awesome! but make the text a smoother font.
Dannychhang's avatar
Economic, clean and very functional
Terame's avatar
Fantastic work!
rheyzer's avatar
bryceman111's avatar
Oh, wow, just read about this in designers'Block and it is a great design! So clean and functional. Very nice colors. The only thing I noticed, unless I am just freaking out, is that in the green section, on the left side, there seems to be a small little line interrupting the gradient. I don't think that was on purpose?
rheyzer's avatar
thanks for commenting on that, it was supposed to be a 1px highlight, the blending mode was reset, thats is why it was saturated in this version.
bryceman111's avatar
Ooh, that definitely makes sense. Just thought I would ask, ha.
rheyzer's avatar
if this layout would push through to coding, I'll take note on that. thank you very much.
bryceman111's avatar
Ooh, well, I sure hope it does!
pulbern's avatar
Oh thats cool! Very nice simple graphics and color palette! You made me care and want to buy a tree!
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