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Hanawo (The flower knot pendants)

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 9, 2016, 2:48 PM
Leaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumari

(Flower knot pendants)

The Wordless Species  

Hana | comes from the Japanese language that means > Flower

Wo | it's a reductive form from > Worldless (without words)

In the Edo period of Japan ancient spirits of the flowers were locked on pendants, which could be awarded from generation to generation as a protective amulet and good luck.

The amulet (Chinese knot) usually included a precious stone or quartz and a small bag which contained the seed of the protective flower.

  Crystal Jar by CitricLily

Each comes from a flower that represents them and the meaning of each one  thanks to Hanakotoba  

They are a kind of warrior spirit of flowers, each carries the symbolic meaning of different flowers according to Hanakotoba 花 言葉 which is the interpretive language that is given to the flowers according to Japanese culture. 

❥Emotions without words 
The Hanakotoba talks about communication that flowers have without words, their emotions are transmitted through the aroma, shape, color, thorns, height etc.  

Environment and Invocation Free Bullet - Strawberry (Left) - by ChibiMogu

The amulet can be used like any other pendant or key, if you want the little spirit manifest, must pour some water on the seed bag included in the knot.

In his pocket human version, the amulet is reduced in proportion to the size of the spirit and settled in their dress, usually tied to the waist and the small bag is placed in the same way anywhere in the dress.



Only they need some water and sun, like any flower, but they love sweet things and infusions ~

free waffle icon by drawbun   Tea Avatar by Kezzi-Rose


Size:  when they take them human pocket form can grow about 20 to 25 cms


Types of ears and tails Free Bullet - Strawberry (Left) - by ChibiMogu

 ♦  Foxes ♦  Wolves ♦  Deer

♦ Origami:
this type of ears are known as origami because
they are folded  as if they were sheets of paper, despite this
the texture of these is like the petals of roses.



IMPORTANT DETAILS Free Bullet - Strawberry (Left) - by ChibiMogu

• Each amulet / spirit possesses a unique personality

• When the stone is dark they can possess horns

• Stones and seeds can be changed

• The seed can be changed, provided it is the same tone / color to the original seed, for example, a violet wisteria to a lotus. Otherwise there is no reaction by adding water to the seed.

• They are spirits that habit the Chinese knots, The more knots or laps have your bun means that are more valuable, rare and strong.

• They are small spirits capable of living within the Chinese knot (chinese flower knot), they can grow 6 times the size of their own knot, sometimes more.


• Are spirits warriors and protectors, some use weapons such as umbrellas or fans (gunbai tessen).


• They release the scent of the flower accordingly.


• If the pendant becomes lost, corresponding flowers grow around it and will be easily found.


• If the owner is correct, always returned to his hands.


•If the stone is light colored can be changed to a dark one, which provide the horns depending on the stone in question. 


• It is not known exactly how much existing amulets are  but is known to be a small number.


• Many of them have pipes (usually that means they are older ones) which in human pocket form expel the scent of their flower as incense.

    Common traits

• Pipes / fans

• Ears and foxtail

• Ears and tail wolf


    Uncommon traits


• Ears and tail deer

• Ears origami / can be mixed with any type of tail

• Horns (one pair)

• Dark stones


    Rare traits

• Umbrellas 

• A single horn or more than one pair

• Heterochromia

• Ears and blooming dragon tail

 ►Ultra Rare traits

to be added

  Free Avatar: Lotus by pjuk

I begin to expand and reveal more information about these species
if you're an owner, feel free to use this information and add details to your liking, you can also ignore this information.

Leaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumari

free pixel :grumpy tea by Xx-Aisec-xX

 ►Hanawo available for the moment


Nemophila ネ モ フ ィ ラ

The Flower of the blue eyes
Nemophila is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the family Hydrophyllaceae.
Most contain the phrase "baby blue eyes" in their common names.
Nemophila: generic name means "love grove".
Nemos comes from the Greek meaning (grove, small wood or group of trees)
and philia which means (love) 
Origin: North America
Colors: blue, white
Flowering time: March-May
Birth Flower: January 28, February 21
Symbolic Nemophilia Meanings
❥Forgiveness / I forgive you
❥Fresh mind
❥The first love


藤 Wisteria
Is a species of genus climbing plant, the flowers are white, violet or blue in hanging clusters of 15 -20 cm long in spring.
The tunnel of Wisteria
This is one of the most popular places visited in Japan during the spring, allowing visitors to take a walk through a unique tunnel whose roof is a dense swarm of purple flowers (although these plants mixed shades ranging from pale pink and purple through white, lilac blue and green).
(There is a 1200 year old wisteria tree in Japan). It’s long-life bestows the symbolic meaning of immortality and longevity to the wisteria.
Symbolic Wisteria Meanings

All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose

Skin by UszatyArbuz


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