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It is really dying..
It's going to break more (or maybe explode) soon if I don't get it to repair service. I have been using it so hardcore for my assignments especially 3D stuff. 3ds max and adobe are really killing my laptop. It's temperature always over 100 degrees celcius (that's what optimizer program told me)  when I use 3ds max and adobe stuff. And the climax is this morning, my laptop make weird noises like 'tack tack tack tack' and 'creeet creet' every second. I'm so scared even though that might be only the fan that's stuck or something. But still, scary enough. I don't dare to use my laptop further than this before I take it to the repair service.

I'm going to use my uncle or my mom's laptop for a time being. That meaaaans... well, there won't be any significant update for me; in art, deviantArt group, utau, and social media.

I'll have to rest my laptop for a while.... TwT.. hopefully the service will be done before the new year's break is over. I need to do my assignment asap.
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trumanwripley Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I had a crummy old tablet that would overheat when I used certain applications... I started putting an icepack under it so it would last longer... it didn't really work...
RheinaGealtash Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
thaaaaaaaaaat!! I also tried that, icepacks! But unfortunately... it didn't work at all.. It's my icepacks that melted first... My laptop is really crazy
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December 16, 2014