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Soliq7.1 VS for WIN7 RTM


* New start button
* New milk white taskbar
* The desktop preview button now has the same color as the taskbar
* Transparent taskbar button
* New Mac style progress bar
* Fix IE 8 context menu bug
* More....

Hope you like it. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Our website: [link]

Explorer.exe and dlls x86 only, maybe i will add a x64 version later on.

Tailored to Windows 7 RTM, but works on all Windows 7 versions.
© 2009 - 2021 rheaoctober
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Opadome's avatar
The theme needs a little bit more transparency,
tonivee's avatar
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The taskbar is a bit too white, can you perhaps make a update with a gray taskbar? :) :)
PJMAN2952's avatar
Cool theme! Im just using it now!I just have to change the start orb with windows 7 start orb changer!
shenzyb's avatar
nice but you have a apple icon in your taskbar and i still have the windows icon,how to change that?
theiconater's avatar
you are realy crazy
theiconater's avatar
please tell us how to download it >:(
i can't install it ?
Delere's avatar
maybe a stupid question, but where do I get the buttons and icons from?
Have downloaded the .rar, but inside there were only the theme, which I copied into my windows theme folder.
But to get the apple look, like on the screenshots I need the icons?!
Pzylence's avatar
would be nice if you could make a version for basic too. :P
rebelist's avatar
supper Font . Font ?
BilliShere's avatar
the scroll bar arrows on the button look bad. otherwise a great theme. would love to see a similar theme with colourful mac osx like buttons.
Thanks for the x64 system files :D looking forward
The x64 explorer.exe and dlls were finished last night. But since the submarine cable was damaged by typhoon Morakot, the internet is quite quite slow at the moment and i cannot upload here.
skalpa's avatar
However the taskbar buttons text is white ou light grey making it completely unreadable...
( Right-click on the Taskbar, choose "Properties", then change the taskbar buttons from "Always combine", to "Combine when taskbar is full" to get a classic taskbar with text and see what I mean) .
Other critic: it would be really nice to have a variant with a "smoother" progress bar animation (this one is a little disturbing IMO).

But anyway: thanks again, good job :)
jrp's avatar
the apple logo still looks weird.
withsoul's avatar
I like close, min, max buttons :)
DzaDze's avatar
what font do you use in this skin ?
i use calibri but this font is the sheet men . . .!
nyolc8's avatar
I think the font name is SonySketch or something like this.
Hey babe, kick ass theme but whats the difference between 1.1 and 1.2?
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