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Soliq VS MOD for Windows 7

Soliq VS MOD for Windows 7, Mac style. Hope you like it.

Explorer.exe and dlls x86 only, maybe i will add a x64 version later on.

Tailored to Windows 7 RTM, but works on all Windows 7 versions but there may be some Bug.

Alternative Download : [link]

Windows 7 RTM Build 7600.16385 Patched theme file: [link]

Original: benbackman [link] Port by Rheaoctober

Comments are welcome
© 2009 - 2021 rheaoctober
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Hello -

I was looking for such a long time the topic is beautiful - thank you very much
Draco23hack's avatar
great theme, can you tell me how to put the details pane small as in the screenshot?
awesome .. can you teach me how to do that ?
giothe1's avatar
joraxx's avatar
try this one..thanks
lamwhite's avatar
lovesamy's avatar
nice theme can u please link the hard drive icons.
lemler3's avatar
yes found it omg i was looking for this theme for so long :)
How can we make this skin with aero?
umar123's avatar
Hey man, nice theme, btw how did you change the icon for DVD Drive>??? I wasn't able to change it :(
x64 version please :love:
BilliShere's avatar
Like it! it needs some fixing with the start button and scrollbar buttons. and also the dropdown menus..
but its a good first shot!
Rafax64's avatar
Works on my Windows 7 without aero enabled?
Well I applied and continued with the basic theme of Windows.
OBs: The Uxtheme patcher already been used.
looks cool, ´will wait for x64 version!
can you explain how to install it.
thanks. nice job.
AlbinoAsian's avatar
its always great to have more VS's on Win7 ... I'm no so keen on the style, but good work porting it!!
Freedom-loving's avatar
Thank you man !
May be you will port this [link] VS? :)
can you please post the explorer.exe file for 64bit?
R1M45's avatar
wowo really nice
but i have RC1 :(
R1M45's avatar
wow works in RC very thks
:+fav: :) :D
Mheltin's avatar
Been hoping for something like this ... very nice :D thank you. :+fav:
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