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Crow Shepherd

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It's strange I had dream where a woman who looked like this appeared. It was a in a foreign land, crowded, dirty, and uncomfortable, everything was in a bit of a haze and then after grimacing and bemoaning the place I found myself in and the people whom surrounded me. And after taking a taxi to some open concrete park type area in the city I got out and sat at a circular stone bench, there were fewer people there when I arrived, but suddenly everything and everyone vanished completely and as I sat there contemplating to myself. I had sensed and saw outside my body that from behind me a gracious mystifying woman with white hair floated down, and with no provocation tenderly and dearly held my whole body as she did so all worry evaporated from my sight and mind, the world became still and we just sat there quietly for a moment before I had awoken once again. This piece is doubly interesting as I also have an affinity for Corvus birds always have, maybe it's that ancient spirit within me that ties to long forgotten magics and divinities.
Beautiful, I love it.
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Incredible. Love the colors and the athmostphere... everything about it is just amazing
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This is so gorgeous. Thank you very much for uploading this and inspiring me.

I want to do a crow comic one day...
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thanks and gооd luck to you!
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Bada boom bada bing! Thank you!

I'm listening to this right now:…

It's making me jumpy and funny and happy. Weeeeeeeeeeee. =D
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buttyfull measteryes
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wow thanks) 
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I love the multiple directions of movement in this piece, such as the crows, the hair, and the background. Very very dynamic!
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these crows are awesome 8)
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This is astonishing. 
what makes it so very interesting is the indifference of the crows
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