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(Bye bye fancy Journal skin…!!)

Hello my lovelies! I figured I should post a journal again before it reaches the 1-year mark since my last one… 2 days early, woo!

Yeah, so things that are new for me… I made it into the Illustration major at my school! Yay! Mostly a cosmetic thing, but it lets me have priority in the ILUS classes and it'll say "Illustration" on that piece of paper I'll get theoretically at the end of the year. Oh, right, did I mention that? if all goes well, I should be graduating next spring! Not too shabby! It only took me seven years of post secondary education… heh.

As for what happens after that, well, I'm hoping to work on my storyboarding chops in the coming months and see if I can't get into that. It's something I really like doing, I just need to work on my abilities. So yeah, that's what's up with me!

As always, I post fairly often on my Tumblr account, as well as my FB page, so feel free to watch me there for more frequent sketches and updates and such. I'll still post finished things to DA, it might just take a little longer to make its way over here.

Even though I check DA every day, I feel like I'm doing a bad job of keeping up with people here, especially socially. How are you doing? Please feel free to leave me a comment telling me what's up, or a link to a deviation you've made recently that you're proud of. I'd love to take a look. :)

Be well, everyone!

Banisher comic, Britain trip and other stuff!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 28, 2013, 3:46 PM

Feel free to visit me elsewhere on the web:

My Website | My Tumblr | My Twitter | My Flickr

Banisher Comic
Hello! So I've begun to upload "Banisher", a comic project I made in three weeks for my final project in my Ideation & Sequence Illustration class last semester. One page will be uploaded a day, with the last page being uploaded on July 4th. I really hope you guys dig this, it was a lot of work and I'm pretty proud of it, even with its flaws. We all have to start somewhere!

Summer and Fall
So this summer I'm working on a lot of art stuff, mainly trying to establish good working habits and to develop some projects I've been meaning to work on. I've been focusing a lot of attention on my Sable & Aster comic project, which is turning into quite the beast! I have some really exciting ideas for it, though, and I think it has a lot of potential. It'll probably end up being a lot darker than I originally envisioned, but don't worry, everything works out in the end. :) I'm so in love with these characters, I can't wait to bring you more stories about them.

This fall I'm going back to school, where I'll be taking more Illustration classes and a handmade book class, too, which should be interesting! I've developed a lot of focus for my education the last few months and I'm so eagre to get started. I'm going to kick my degree's ass, haha! I'm especially proud of obtaining a scholarship for this fall which will pay for half my tuition! Go ahead and apply for those scholarships and bursaries, guys, you never know when you might get lucky! ;)

Britain Trip
So some of you might know that I went on a month-long trip to Yorkshire in May to visit with my family. If you're at all interested you can check out some of the photos I took over here on Flickr. I still have quite a few more photos to upload, including my two-day trip to London, but there's a lot of photos there now! I visited places like Danby, Goathland, Osmotherly, Saltburn, Whitby, Redcar, York, Beckhole, Hartlepool, Richmond Castle, Kirkleatham Hall and many others, and I had an excellent time. If you're ever in Goathland and visiting the Mallyan Spout Hotel for dinner say hello to my Cousin Colin who tends the bar!

In other news…
I feel so out of touch with DeviantART lately, which is strange because I check things every day! Because of the trip, though, I came back to over 1000 deviations in my message centre and there was no way I could go through them all. I feel like I've missed out a lot! If there's anything you've uploaded within the last couple of months that you're particularly proud of or want feedback on, link me to it and I'll take a look! Other than that, how's everyone doing? Having a good summer (or winter!) so far?

Edit: Oh, and :flagcanada: HAPPY CANADA DAY :flagcanada: weekend to all the lovely Canadians out there! :dance:

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10 Years on DA plus an update

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 4, 2013, 2:08 PM

Feel free to visit me elsewhere on the web:

My Website | My Tumblr | My Twitter | My Flickr

Thank you again to SunGryphon for buying me a subscription! Everyone go check out her page and say something nice. :D I am working on your picture and hope to have it finished soon, but it may have to wait until after my final school projects. I hope you understand!

10 years on DA
In August I will be reaching my 10th year anniversary on DeviantART, which is quite the milestone! I dream that perhaps DA rewards you somehow for sticking around that long, but I know it's a feeble dream. ;) My question is, what would YOU do to celebrate 10 years on DA? I've been thinking of a few things, but I'd love suggestions. A retrospective journal entry? A celebratory image? A journal feature? I'm very curious!

I might not remember to do anything, but I think it would be fun to celebrate somehow. Thanks in advance for any input!

School Stuff
Right now I am finishing up my second semester at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and I am working on my final projects for my two Illustration classes. I've never had so much fun in a class as I have in these two in my entire life! If anything that has to be an indication that Illustration is my calling. :)

I did get a response about my application into the Illustration major; I wasn't rejected, but they did fill up, and I am currently 4th on the waiting list to get in. For a program that only accepts 36 students a year and gets hundreds of applications, I'd say that's pretty good! I might have done better if I'd been able to submit the artwork I've done this semester in my portfolio; as it was, I had to go back YEARS to find any good illustrative art to include in my portfolio, so it wasn't as strong as it could have been. I'm crossing my fingers that a space might open up for me, but if it doesn't, a visual arts degree is fine too.

So that's what's going on with me! I should get back to working on my projects. You can see a sneek peak of one of my projects here on my tumblr. (Please do check it out if you get the chance, I'd really love some feedback!) I'm so excited for this one, I have a feeling it'll be my best comic work yet! Not to jinx it or anything. ;)

How's your spring going? Fill me in on all the news! I feel like such a hermit here on DA sometimes, and I'd like to change that.

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… Oh. My subscription ran out. Riiiight. I'd forgotten what DA looked like without a sub… thank goodness for Adblock, at least.

That being said: Hey! If someone would be willing to buy me a year subscription I'll return them the favour by doing a character portrait commission from the $40 slot in my commission info! That's $10 off what you'd normally pay! Aaaaaand, I'll be super grateful and all that jazz too! How about it?

Haha, well, it's nice to dream. ;) I hope all you Americans had a relaxing and tasty Thanksgiving. Now starts the long haul to Christmas, filled with crappy jingles, cheap tinsel, and garish, flashy lights everywhere. Not to mention those horrible window paintings in every business and cafι! Gottah love Christmas time. :holly:

I've been very busy with school, and having the time of my life. I'm transferring into the Illustration major (hopefully by next spring) which is exciting! I've got this new drive to do what I've always wanted to do, which is always nice. I hope it keeps up! Though I'm seriously getting wheel withdrawal… I need to do some ceramics on the side soon or I might go crazy!

For anyone in Vancouver this weekend starting tomorrow is the Emily Carr University of Art & Design's 39th annual Student Art Sale, and I have some prints and jewellery being sold there, if you wanted to check it out! Not to mention it will be filled with hundreds of amazing crafts, ceramics, t-shirts, knick-knacks, and other works of art made by a bunch of other artists from the school. I hope you manage to stop by, you won't regret it!

I'll also recommend my Tumblr blog once again; I post random things there fairly often, so check it out if you want to know what I've been up to.

Okie dokie, I'm back to playing some games; first free evening in a long time! Have a good one! :)

EDIT: Okay, everyone go and give SunGryphon a huge hug for me. She's gifted me with a year subscription, and I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you so much! :D :glomp:

DA's new Premium Content Platform

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2012, 2:23 PM
I posted this on Google+ originally, but figured I'd reach more interested parties here, and maybe be able to generate a bit of discussion. I usually try to step back and wait a while to see the results of new programs like this before I comment on them, but I just wanted to get these things off my chest.

This is about DA's new Premium Content Platform; read about it at the link if you like before reading my (way too long) rant.


So, DeviantART has just introduced their "Premium Content Platform", a new system by which artists can set their own prices for digital downloads of their works. On the face of it this sounds like a great idea, as artists can reach the core of their DA fanbase and easily distribute things like high resolution files of artwork, .pdfs, resource packs, comic anthologies, and all sorts of awesome things in one easy go for a little profit. Artists get to sell their things and potentially make some money, and their watchers and fans can support their favourite artists and get some great stuff in return.

However, once more DeviantART throws a really frustrating wrench into the whole system by making it required to use their Points system to buy this content. Points, in my opinion, are ridiculous as hell. They're a form of digital currency used only on DA, and need to be purchased with real money, much like XBox Live Points, or Wii Points. I think $1 USD equals 80 Points on DA. They're supposed to make it easier for users to pay for things like commissions and support their favourite artists, but the Points can only then be used on site for things like Prints and DA merchandise, so it's not really helping the artists eat or pay the rent or anything like that. Not to mention the added step of having to transform your hard earned dollars into Points before you can buy anything will scare off a lot of potential customers.

Granted, with this new "Premium Content Platform" (I'd shorten it to PCP but that seems a little too silly), they're offering the ability to transform the Points you make from these download sales into USD using systems like Paypal, but it still seems like a stupid, unnecessary step. Oh, and did I mention you have to wait 14 days between someone buying your content and you being able to receive your money? Seems strange to me. (Or perhaps less strange if you can still use your points within that time period; perhaps they're hoping people will break down and spend their hard-earned points on-site rather than waiting the two weeks to exchange them.)

Also a little ridiculous is the fact that DA keeps 20% of the sale, and only gives 80% of it to the artist. Now, this might not seem like a big deal when it comes to small, micro transactions; 80 cents to the dollar doesn't seem like too big a sacrifice for being able to sell things directly to your DA watchers; but when it's all added up in thousands and tens of thousands of these transactions DA is out to make an absolute MINT on a system it already provides its users for free, every day. The ability to download high resolution files, .pdfs, .zips/.rars, or what have you from deviations has existed for years and years. It's one of the reasons for DA's initial success; providing skins and mods in .zip files to the skinning and modding community is what put DA on the map. It's not like they have to create some grand infrastructure to support this feature, nor should they be worried about needing to provide bandwidth and physical space for these files; they already do it for free. All they're providing is a (convoluted) toll box to get to that content. And charging 20% to provide that is a bit ridiculous.

(For comparison, companies like Apple and Amazon charge 30% for every ebook sale on their devices, iBookstore and NOOK respectively, which is in itself a rather exorbitant sum, but can be slightly understood or argued that when you factor in the massive retail back end and digital distributing platform they need to maintain, not to mention software updates and things for their hardware devices, the commission starts to make a bit of sense. DA already has their system in place, has had it for years, and isn't really providing anything more than a gate-keeping service.)

I don't have the research to back up this claim, but I know sites like Etsy charge something like 5% per sale, and they make a killing (though of course without the bandwidth charges for delivering digital content). 20% seems like a massive gouge for what DA is offering. I wish I had more information on what similar digital distribution sites charge, but I'm really not all that familiar with the systems. I think now charges 10% commission for selling ebooks, but they also do a lot of distribution to iBookstore and NOOK and other platforms, so it seems a little more justified.

Still, I'm sure people will go for it, mainly for the ease of being able to sell things directly to the DA masses, even with the ridiculous use of Points, the 20% price gouge, and the 14 day waiting period before you can access your funds. And I'm sure I'm ranting about this for nothing, and I'm sure some popular artists (and DA) will make a mint selling things this way. It just feels, to me, that once again DA is taking advantage of its user base, and becoming a little too confidant in how much it's entitled to profiting from their success and talent.

I've been on DA a long time; 9 years, to be precise, and I've watched it change from a rather grassroots, community oriented art and resource sharing site to a rather monolithic corporate entity. The original creators of the site don't have any say in how it's run anymore, and the tone of the place has completely changed. While that has to happen, to some degree, when a site like this gets to be so big, it still bothers me that I've gone from feeling like I'm part of a community that is happy to have me there, to being just another ant in its giant colony of endless trickling profits. And yes, I may be rather hypocritical for criticizing them and yet still using the site like I always have, but you try to get your artwork noticed and delivered to a large audience on the internet today; it's a lot harder than it sounds, and as much as I hate to admit it, DA is rather necessary for me to maintain what little audience I have. And since I've been a user for so long and have given them lots of money in subscription payments, I think I'm entitled to a bit of criticism for their methods.

TL;DR: DA's new "Premium Content Platform" is not really as great as it sounds to me, forcing users to use their Points system to make transactions, forcing a 14 day waiting period before you can claim your earnings, and then turning around and charging 20% commission for the privilege. It seems to me more that they feel entitled to profiting from the success and talent of their user base rather than providing a system for supporting the artists they host.

Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert on the economy of the internet, or on DA's business model. I am speaking based on my own observations and experience after being a member for 9 years, not from any researched or knowledgeable platform. Take my criticism with a grain of salt; it's just my opinion.

Quiz thing

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 17, 2012, 6:04 PM
Saw this on AmandaDrage's journal, figured I'd answer it for no real reason. Here I go! :)

If you could meet one of your favorite movie characters face to face, who would it be?
Pippin Took. Something about him makes me think we'd make great friends. :)

What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to lots of different things, no genres in particular. A lot of my music is just stuff I grew up with; The Beatles, The Eagles, The Rankin Family, all sorts of classic rock and pop songs from the 60s and 70s. As for more recent stuff, I've become especially drawn to some more indie things like A Fine Frenzy, Alamaailman Vasarat and The Gruff, as well as things like Mika, Daft Punk, jazz greats like Sydney Bechet and Cab Calloway… however, if I'm to quantify my most listened to music it would probably be movie soundtracks and music from musicals. :)

What percentage of you art, on average, do you need a reference to draw?
I don't do as much realism as I should, or use reference as often as I should. I also don't draw as much as I should, so I'm a little out of practice! But if there's a particularly tricky pose or something I'll definitely try to find reference; however, most of the time my google-fu fails me and I can't find the type of reference I need and just go pose awkwardly in front of a mirror for a while until I get it.

What year did you/will you graduate high school?
2006, though I'm not sure how this is relevant or interesting, hehe!

Who is the person in your life that is your best motivator?
My mum has always been a huge motivator. She's been my biggest fan since I was a kid, and has always encouraged me, and for that I owe her everything! More recently it's been my boyfriend, who bothers me relentlessly about my ideas and procrastination, trying to urge me into doing more instead of just talking about it. Thanks, love!

When creating a piece of art, do you ever have a story line in your head set up for the piece, or do you have to force yourself to write one only if absolutely necessary?
I think this depends on what I'm doing. Most of the time I'm just sketching, or I have an idea in my head like a pose, or a costume idea, or some other design thing, so I try to work more on the personality of the character than anything. If I'm illustrating a story or doing thumbnail sketches for comics or something, of course I work from a story.

Which movie/book genre do you find most inspiring?
Fantasy has always been a huge inspiration. Mostly because it fires my imagination so much. Escapism was a huge part of my childhood, pretending I was in far away places doing amazing, fantastical things... most of my art reflects that in some way or another!

What song do you listen to when you need that extra oomph to finish a task?
Any music, really, or whatever song I'm most into at that current moment. Right now it seems to be "Drowned" by Tim Minchin, but we'll see how long it is until that changes again!

What's your favorite holiday?
Ooooh, probably Thanksgiving for the food, but any one is good. :)

When you first began to develop your artistic skills, what was the first thing you decided you wanted to practice?
Well, horses to some extent, and humans to a larger one. I drew a lot of what I was writing about at the time, which were humans and horses, so... there you go? ;)

Questions asked by 0paperwings0

What is the most you've ever sold your art work for?
I think it was $50 from a particularly generous friend who wanted to support me when I was low on funds.

What is the longest you've spent on a piece of art? (As in time taken to complete)
One of my digital paintings took me three years to finish. Oi. Sorry, Losmios!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
Right where I am, here in Vancouver! Perhaps in my own apartment with a nice studio, but still...!

How long have you been on dA?
Since... 2003? So that would be nine years? Jesus...

What would your ideal job be?
A ceramicist. Throwing pots for a living and selling them. Doing illustrative artwork on the side. :)

Do you prefer hot weather, or cold with snow?
Cold and snow! I go a little loopy in hot weather, hehe... anything over 23˚c and I melt!

How do you eat creme eggs? If you don't have them you should totally go buy some :| As they are the best!
Not much of a fan, but yeah, it would probably be a horrendous sight.

Do you like Macs? (The Apple variety, which should all be destroyed D: )
Not sure why Macs get so much hate, besides the fact that they're expensive and a little too locked down, software wise. I think it's more the stereotypes around them people hate, not the computers themselves. I have both a Macbook and a PC desktop, and I use both for different reasons; PC for gaming and movie watching, my Mac for every day things (internet, email, word processing, etc.) and artwork. They both work great, it just takes a while to get used to the other if you've only had one.

Are you fed up of answering these questions yet?
I could continue!

I realize that 0paperwings0 probably didn't intend these questions for me specifically, so I didn't answer the last one, but hey, it was fun anyway. Now I have to get back to work! Turrah!

They say it's your birthday...

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 11, 2011, 12:24 PM
Well, it's my Birthday too, yeah!

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeee...

:cake: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :cake:

I am this many years old:
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Hmm... I thought it would look like more than it does. Huh.

I'm done now. :D

Free Art Features! (game, 10 slots left)

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 5, 2011, 4:24 PM
I doubt anyone will take me up on this, but it's worth a shot! It seems like a fun game, and an excellent way to see some awesome, pretty art. :)


Rules are simple :
1. First 15 deviants who comment on this journal will have 3 of their artwork featured
2. Post this "feature game" on your journal featuring me first
3. Have fun! :D

1. AugustAnna :iconaugustanna:
Azmeralda - commission by AugustAnna

Mature Content

Mother - the Goddess by AugustAnna
Fighting Dragons. by AugustAnna

2. Griffin-Fire :icongriffin-fire:
Dreamer by Griffin-Fire Dark - painting by Griffin-Fire A is for Alligator - painting by Griffin-Fire

3. ceara :iconceara:
:thumb215886560: :thumb214128250: :thumb151926034:

4. fireflyskys :iconfireflyskys:
Remember the Nights by fireflyskys Looking Out by fireflyskys Shot Glass Still Life by fireflyskys

5. AmandaDrage :iconamandadrage:
:thumb210266625: :thumb201284523: :thumb186142865:


Moving On

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 22, 2011, 8:13 PM

:icontealdeerplz: I'm moving my focus away from dA and to other platforms. You may still hear from me occasionally on here, but if you'd still like to see my stuff and talk to me on a more recurring basis please follow me at one of these places:

My Tumblr - Twitter

Now for the long-winded rambling about my motivation! Wooooo.

I was talking to some friends of mine about my dA account a couple of weeks ago. I was talking about how frustrated I've started to become, and I was surprised at how much I had to say.  They responded by saying it sounds like this site isn't doing much for me anymore, and perhaps I should move on, which I think is some good advice.

Now, don't get me wrong, "move on" doesn't mean abandon my account in a rush of dArama ranting about policy violations, unfair mods, and how nobody cares before deleting every deviation in my gallery; that's the opposite of what I want! "Move on" means focusing on creating communities elsewhere, and showcasing my art in ways that feel more natural to me and which provides me with a greater amount of satisfaction from the process.

One of the main thing I realized: dA isn't the same site I joined seven years ago. Seven years ago the site was still focused on skinning and customization, with the fine art portion of the site all lumped into one category: "Indy Art". I don't know how many of you remember that!

Remember when the site was so uncomplicated that they kept past layouts around as different CSS styles you could switch between on your settings page? Or when the prints feature first appeared only for people who paid the 1-time $25 fee, or when "large thumbnails" came out and become one of the sole reasons I wanted a subscription to dA (Thumbnails used to be 100x100px. Remember? :D )

Then there was the jark vs. spyed drama, which saw the greatest collective action of this community I've ever seen. After that they brought out scraps, critiques, gallery folders, massive amounts of profile page customization... all not too bad.

Then there were the most recent changes: "Featured" deviations, portfolio pages, llamas, the point system, Muro... all of which really don't have any real relevance to me.

Remember when spyed made the announcement that dA was now a "Corporation", which, by definition, meant they were in it to make profit for their shareholders? What rolled out after that? Prints for EVERYONE, dA merchandise, dA meets, groups (also with subscription options), the point system, "badges"... again, none of it had any relevance to me, someone who was here to interact with friends and share my art.

DeviantART has turned more and more into a place meant for consuming rather than communicating. Remember the Main Page Shout Box? No? They got rid of it a few years ago, but it was always fun to go there and refresh the page, watching this highly random conversation take place. But even so, I've noticed a change, and when I used to feel like an active member of a community who was participating in this place devoted to art; now I feel like a client, a customer they're continually trying to get money out of with their massive "sale!!" spam over Christmas. The amount of people asking for point donations on their main page in lieu of comments/thank yous is another example.

Anyway, these are just my personal opinions, and I don't mind if you disagree. Things change, especially when you grow as big as dA has become; I don't think they would have been able to survive if they had remained grassroots. They need the massive amount of money they make to pay the people who man the help desk, and to keep all the servers running to store and deliver these millions upon millions of pieces of art. It's quite an accomplishment these days to take something that is provided for free online and make money on it, through subscription sales, overpriced prints, merchandise, print base price gouging, etc.. They deserve a lot of credit.

But with the shift come the feeling that I just don't matter so much anymore. I used to feel secure in the feeling that, if I ever had a problem, all I needed to do was note a gallery mod or a help desk operator and I'd be spoken to one on one. Now I feel like another bunch of numbers in their database, someone they need to placate if they worry about me at all; which of course, comes with the territory.

I am annoyed with a few things. Policy things, transparency things, motivations, favouritism, all the stuff everyone else worries about when things grow too big. But when it comes down to it, I just don't really feel welcome here anymore. I upload my art, and I feel it just gets lost. I lost a massive (rather surprising) amount of my audience when I turned away from "OMG UNICRONS PONIES WOLFIES DRAGGIES LARFLARFLARF" round about 2005/2006 and started doing new things that made me happy, and I haven't really gotten any of that audience back. Of course part of that is my fault; perhaps I don't put myself out there enough, or I'm not active enough, or or or...

Well, I tried to fix that. I figured, "Well, *my* watchers don't seem to like my stuff as much as they used to, perhaps I can try out these new Group thingies I've been hearing about and send it to people who subscribe to seeing such content". So, I did that. However, I was shocked when I signed up for a couple of groups and suddenly my inbox was being flooded every day with dozens and dozens of uploads from people ALSO submitting to those groups. I realized my deviations were being lost in those floods, and that anyone who was watching these groups would be skimming over them just like I was having to do every day. I didn't have the time to go through that many deviations every day, so I had to cancel the Deviations feed on them; which made me feel like a horrible, horrible leecher. And to boot, the only increase in exposure for my art were a few faves and a couple simple comments, but no new watches or anything permanent. I realized to keep up that level of new feedback I'd have to keep doing this with every new piece I upload, which was such a daunting and depressing task I stopped rather quickly. I guess some people are more comfortable watching groups catering to genres they enjoy, rather than using them as a platform to find artists they enjoy and watching them.

Anyway, despite my whining, I do love dA for all the things it gave me when I first joined. I know that moving my focus away from this site and to another platform, like my Tumblr, is going to lose me what small amount of audience I have left on here. But I'll feel better, I'll feel more free to share anything I make, and hopefully I'll be able to build up a new audience over time of people who genuinely like my stuff. It's a lofty goal, and I don't really expect myself to accomplish it, but at least I can focus on art again and communicating with others without having to deal with my lingering annoyances with dA.

I'll keep coming back to view my messages and keep up with the many people I watch; I love their art, and as long as they keep posting I'll come back to see it. And you can still reach me here if you need to, since I'll probably log on at least once a day. But as far as uploading art goes: unless I deem it's worth it to upload (which for a long time now hasn't been worth the effort based on the reception I get), there probably won't be much art of mine showing up here anymore.

Right, I should probably wind this down... I sincerely doubt anyone has actually read this far, hehe. If you have, thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it! I have to get back to work. :)

Again, if for whatever reason you still want to follow me in my journey of discovering what kind of artist I want to be, by all means follow me at any of the links at the top of this entry. You have no idea how happy I'll be if you do. :D

Have a good one!

~ Rheall (aka. Heather)

Watch me on Tumblr?

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 3, 2011, 10:27 PM

Heya! So, I suppose I've jumped on the ol' bandwagon and got myself a Tumblr blog. Won't you please check it out, and maybe even follow it if you're on Tumblr too, or if you have an RSS reader?

:bulletgreen: Rheall on Tumblr :bulletgreen:

There isn't a heck of a lot on there right now, but I do have a few figure drawings up that I might post up here in a few days. You can check them out there, first. :) I also have some stuff to upload soon, mostly from school, like my Gringolet ceramic sculpture which I finally got back. Again, you'll probably see that on Tumblr before I decide to add it here. Also have some non-school related sketches laying about I might dig up... Either way, Tumblr will probably be the most active place I'll be art-wise for the next little while, so if you'd like to see more of me you can watch me there.

If you're interested, I can also be found on these sites as well:

:bulletgreen: Twitter
:bulletgreen: Sketch Blog
:bulletgreen: Flickr
:bulletgreen: Livejournal (friends only)

And of course,

:bulletgreen: Liquid, my personal site.

Anyway, working hard at school (and it feels so right), and wondering if I've hit the best time of my life. It certainly feels that way; I've got excellent friends, a wonderful sweetie, an awesome place to live with really great roommates, going to school and doing what I love... can it get any better? How are you all doing?

Commission Info

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 8, 2011, 11:00 PM

To contact me for a commission, either e-mail me at rheall at gmail dot com (for a quicker/more prompt reply), or send me a DA note (though I might move the discussion over to e-mail anyway to make it easier to organize and record things).

Commissions are: OPEN

:bulletred: Please read the bottom of this journal for important info! :bulletred:

Quick Character Sketch - $15 CAD

Simple, quick pencil sketches of any character you choose. Add an extra character for +$5
These sketches are small, usually between 4" and 8" square.
Little Unicorn by rheall Trotting Deer by rheall Reeeeeally Pissed Off Goblin by rheall

Detailed Character Sketch - $25 CAD

A more detailed and refined pencil sketch of a subject of your choice. Add an extra character for +$10
These sketches usually take up the majority of a 9"x12" sheet of paper.
Celes - FFVI by rheall Penelo - FFXII by rheall Rowynna Mistlefell by rheall Moduji - Queen of Thieves by rheall

Cel-Shaded Digital Drawing - $50 CAD

A digitally drawn, inked, and cel-coloured character drawing, with minimal background (or transparent PNG background, as specified). (Digitally drawn and inked line art, minus colour: $30) Add a second character for +$20
Historical Dress - 1803 by rheall Renee by rheall Another Creature by rheall 136 - Flareon by rheall

:bulletred: Important Info :bulletred:
  • I can only accept Paypal for payment at the moment. (If you'd like to use DA's Point system, please contact me to discuss.)
  • Payment for commissions under $30 CAD is required upfront.
  • For commissions $30 and over, half of the price will be required upfront, and the rest when the image is finished.
  • If you'd like to arrange for the originals to be shipped to you (only available for non-digital commissions) please let me know in advance so we can work it out. Be aware this may raise the price due to shipping costs.
  • For digital commissions, high quality/resolution .png files will be offered for the commissioner to make their own personal prints. I will still retain copyright over the images, and they may not be used commercially without my permission.
    (Please let me know beforehand if you need to work out a licensing agreement. Be aware that this may raise the cost of the commission.)
  • An estimated date of completion will be given when the commission is finalized, but this date is only approximate. Please allow up to 2 months for the completion of a commission. If there are any further delays, you will be notified, and you will have the option of a refund and the cancelling of the commission if you feel it is taking too long. If you need it finished sooner, make sure you let me know when you request the commission.
  • Regarding refunds: Once the artwork is finished, final payment is received, and the image is sent to the commissioner, no refunds will be given, at least not without a suitable reason. If a commission is taking too long to complete (longer than two months) you will have the option of requesting and receiving a full refund for any amount already paid.

Commission Subjects

Please be aware of my strengths as an artist. Giving my gallery a look will help you to determine what I'm best at. Asking for subjects I feel comfortable illustrating will mean better quality and more prompt results for you, and an easier time for me.

Things I feel comfortable illustrating: humans, canines, equines, dragons, gryphons, many other animals (mainly mammals), and many other fantasy creatures.

Regarding "furries", lycanthropes, weres, and anthros: I do not consider myself an artist of these subjects, however, I can probably draw them for you just fine. Contact me to discuss details if you have questions.

What I will NOT draw: excessive violence/gore, pornography, sexual scenes, and some "fetish" imagery. I reserve the right to refuse commissions based on the subject matter if I take issue with it, or if it makes me feel uncomfortable. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Want Something Else?

Want something else that you don't see here? Feel free to contact me to discuss other options. However, I still retain the right to refuse to take a commission for any reason. I am usually hampered by available time to do anything more complicated than you see here. Wanting something more complex may result in the commission taking much longer than usual, or being of a lower quality. When I feel up to doing more complex commissions, I will certainly offer them.

Still have questions? Feel free to leave a comment! I'll answer you as soon as I can. :)


Journal Entry: Tue Feb 8, 2011, 6:38 PM

I know it's regular fare for people to spot one example of someone getting away with something and cry out "OMGZZ DEVART IS SUCCH A HIPOCRIT U GUYZZ". I've always believed, and still do, that the gallery moderators and administrators here ad DeviantART do a lot of awesome, good work, and that they work very hard to keep DA running as smoothly as possible. I have always heard the cries of unfairness, mainly when a "popular" artist uploads an artwork that breaks DA's rules and is supposedly spared their work taken down, while other, "less popular" artists don't get a second chance when their things break the rules.

I've always believed that DA were just doing their job, and that they had their reasons for leaving some things up, and taking others down, and that most of the time these cries of "hypocrisy" were overreactions.

Until I saw this:

Mature Content

Raupture - for Alex by janaschi

(Be aware that it is very graphic in a pornographic way. I'm posting it as a thumbnail instead of a hotlink because apparently DA thinks this is perfectly fine to have on the site, so there should be no issue in sharing.)

Let me start by saying I have absolutely no problem with pornography. It just don't belong on DA, because DA says it doesn't. It really does get my goat when an establishment, especially large ones like DA, make very clear "rules" and then don't enforce them. There are many reasons why this deviation breaks DA's rules, the most blatant being:

• Sexual Intercourse.
Subjects should not be depicted in a clear display of sexual intercourse. This includes depictions of sexual penetration, oral to genital contact, genital to anal contact, and oral to anal contact without exception.

I understand that the picture doesn't explicitly show penis>vagina intercourse, but it's most definitely portraying intercourse in a very explicit way. I have reported images portraying sex toy intercourse that have been taken down, what's the difference if they're silk worms instead?

• Sexual body fluids (actual or simulated).
There should be no depiction of semen or vaginal lubricants.

And what exactly is happening with the figure on her back in the middle of the picture, proudly displaying the silkworms glistening around her private parts? (Gosh, I feel like I'm writing a pornographic novel, haha) They even qualified "simulated", which I think is exactly what is happening there, even if you do try to interpret it as "It's just silk!" I honestly can't see how it can be interpreted differently.

• Vaginal or Anal Spreading
Female subjects should not be depicted with their labia spread or parted in any manner by hand or manipulated open or parted by any other artificial means or object.

I could be getting nit-picky with this one, but that same figure talked about in the point above seems to be showing off a little more than DA allows. I think it's a fine line between artful pictures of nude figures and images of genitalia explicitly meant to be pornographic. But then again, the subject of "art vs. pornography" is a slippery slope, so perhaps I'm going too far with this one. Still seems rather blatant to me.

• Adult oriented (sexual) toys.
"Adult toys" consisting of dildos, strap-ons, vibrators, etc. are not allowed.

Again, they may be silkworms, but I think they also double as "adult toys" in this image. They are providing sexual pleasure in an explicit way, I don't see any difference.

All these points come from the following FAQ on DA's help pages:
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

Anyway, despite the fact that (I believe, anyway) this deviation blatantly violates DA's FAQ and rules for submission, it has yet to be taken down. When I went to report it, I saw this:

Mature Content

Report by rheall

Feel free to go check it out yourself.

I think when DA gets over 70 reports for inappropriate/pornographic imagery, it should probably reevaluate. You could say it's just because the artist is so popular, but I think that's being a little unfair. I'm not the only one that thought, under DA's own guidelines, that this deviation violated their rules. And this was only how many reports they got, and investigated, before they shut down the ability to report it for those reasons (done in November).

But that leaves me to wonder: why the hell did they decide not to take it down in the first place when it so obviously violated their TOS? (I've reported much tamer pictures than this that were taken down in a heartbeat.)

The only thing I can think of is the artist's skill level and their popularity. The image is done very well, and is very pretty to look at. Is that a good enough reason to exempt her from DA's rules? Also, I'm sure she brings DA tonnes of money in print sales and traffic, which could be another reason why she's "exempt". They don't want to rock her cash-boat.

If there is another reason why this deviation is left up, and I'm just not seeing it, please tell me. Like I said before, I have no issue whatsoever with pornography. DA states that it is not allowed on the site, with a very clear definition of what constitutes it, and the fact that this example is exempt from the rules is what I take issue with. If I can get some clarification, I'd be very happy.

They leave an automated response saying "Staff have reviewed this deviation and decided it doesn't meet the current definition for pornography" along with a link to the DA FAQ. When I go there, I find nothing but words that tell me it does meet the definition. What am I missing?

(I'm not trying to cause drama, honestly! I'm just very curious. I don't like unfairness and inequality as much as anyone else. I'm just trying to understand why there are exemptions to supposedly unbreakable rules.)

I won't even get started on this image, and indeed the whole series of images this artist has created around this theme:


Every one of them use game concept art and art from other artists as bases for his "manipulations" without proper attribution or permission. I reported these deviations months ago, and they are untouched. Why, when their FAQ explicitly states:

Copyright Infringement
Current deviantART policy considers copyright infringement to be any situation where a user takes the original art, photography, or writing of another person (a 'third party') and then either misrepresents the original, unaltered work as one of their own creations or includes the work (either altered or unaltered) in a new image or piece of literature without the proper permission of the copyright owner.

Generally speaking any submission which is directly built upon the existing work of another artist, photographer, or writer could potentially be considered to be a case of copyright infringement. These works may feature screenshots, official artwork or sprites taken from a video game, scans from an art book, artwork found on a website somewhere on the internet or a photograph of a famous person (just to name a few examples), but in every case the basic image, graphic or writing used is the legal property of another artist. In many cases these works are manipulated, colored over, blended with other images, and otherwise digitally worked over but none of this can guarantee that the use won't be considered to be copyright infringement.

FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?

The fact that this guy is getting massive amounts of attention (and money; he's a graphic designer, so the traffic is certainly great exposure/advertising) for the simple act of painting over concept art is absolutely infuriating to me.

:icontealdeerplz: DA's definition of "pornography" isn't matching with the deviation above, and they still haven't taken it down despite over 70 reports for violations before they closed reports down for that deviation. I want to know why they have exempt this deviation from their rules when they have taken down many images that were much less explicit in the past.

Right. I'm done now. Honestly. Off I gooooo. (But any thoughts you have would be very welcome!)

A link to some art I've done...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 18, 2010, 9:15 PM

I have been very inactive on DeviantART as of late, and I apologize for that. The reason is: I am in school and working hard, and often don't have any energy for uploading or commenting or anything like that once I get home from school. :)

But! Today I did make a blog post with pictures of all my latest school projects! If you're interested to see what I've been up to the last couple of months, please click here:…

Hope you're all doing well! Hopefully I'll make something I'll want to upload here soon.

Awesome art...!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 10, 2010, 12:08 AM

Wow, look at this absolutely beautiful work by Fidellis:

Escape by Fidellis

Wow! Go say hi! Her work is sorely under appreciated... here's some more!

Starry Eyed by Fidellis Wake Up by Fidellis Let yourself go by Fidellis Truculent Fidelity by Fidellis

PS: Trying out some new journal CSS. Will keep experimenting.

Eeeeeeee!! :D

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 2, 2010, 10:42 AM

I'm going to art school. :D


(Well, technically I'm transferring to the Fine Arts Program at the school I already attend, but still: Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!)

As usual, I'm a little more active at my sketch blorg over here: so if you have an RSS feed aggregate-er or something (Google Reader is particularly nice!), you can add my blag feed and get much more frequent updates than here. (Jaysus, I watch like fifty artist blogs using Google Reader, webcomics too, it's so dang awesome.)

Though I should have some new things (mainly comics) to share as soon as I get home to my scanner. We'll see what happens. :)

Eeeeeeeee, art schooooooool!


:thumb114134199: Dance in the dark II by Angeloss
Ocean Motion by Pomegranate-Pen Art'n'Literature by AnneClayr
new id by soulhealer 15 Years by JHILLS

Mature Content

Mythos_Diogenes by flesh2stone
City Rat by DracoPheonus

Solon by Moonafleet:thumb149724325:
:thumb148328648: Getting old by oreo5152002


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The Church of Losmios take 2?

Journal Entry: Thu May 6, 2010, 1:32 PM
Let's try this again, shall we?

Hey guys; remember a while back, maybe back in November, when some of us were working together on that silly Fan Site for a certain awesome Equine/Unicorn artist we all know and love?

Well, I finally updated it again today. There is a new forum about it too, for anyone who wants to take a look and contribute (WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME).…

Oh, and Losmios; NO LOOKING. Well, I guess I can't stop you, haha!

But anyway... spread the word if you like? There's some really damn funny stuff in there, and it's all thanks to all the awesome people who helped out with it before.

Right, I'm going now...


:thumb114134199: Dance in the dark II by Angeloss
Ocean Motion by Pomegranate-Pen Art'n'Literature by AnneClayr
new id by soulhealer 15 Years by JHILLS

Mature Content

Mythos_Diogenes by flesh2stone
City Rat by DracoPheonus

Solon by Moonafleet:thumb149724325:
:thumb148328648: Getting old by oreo5152002


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Feature Refresh (Beautiful Under-appreciated Art)

Journal Entry: Wed May 5, 2010, 11:57 PM


I thought it was time for some new features. Actually, I've been meaning to do this for a while, it's about time I've gotten around to it!

Here are some beautiful deviations I've spotted from round and about, and all woefully under-appreciated. Give them some love. :love:


:thumb114134199: Dance in the dark II by Angeloss
Ocean Motion by Pomegranate-Pen Art'n'Literature by AnneClayr
new id by soulhealer 15 Years by JHILLS

Mature Content

Mythos_Diogenes by flesh2stone
City Rat by DracoPheonus

Solon by Moonafleet:thumb149724325:
:thumb148328648: Getting old by oreo5152002


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Thoughts On The Endless Forest

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 22, 2010, 6:14 PM


You know, it's really funny now looking around DA and seeing the place saturated with Endless Forest artwork and chatting. I guess it shouldn't be funny, since it is a great application and a beautiful one at that, and it definitely deserves the attention. I suppose it feels funny because people are using it as a social application; for making avatars, playing with friends, and so on and so forth. I thought I'd take a moment to explain when and how I came across the game, and what it means to me.

And I suppose I should mention right out: no, I don't play it anymore. =)

I first opened up the Endless Forest back in early 2006, just after Phase 2 was released. I didn't know anyone who played it or anything. I spotted it somewhere on the web and was absolutely awed by the beautiful environments. I decided I had to try it.

I spent a lot of time reading the website and learning everything I could before I finally opened it. There was a bit of a learning curve; learning what the icons meant, what kinds of magic there were to play around with and how other deer interacted with one another. The idea that you couldn't change appearance without the help of another anonymous deer was amazing to me; it was such a unique form of cooperation. And back then everybody started as a full grown deer too. It was great, and it was beautiful, but... it was rather lonely at first.

I excitedly posted a couple of screenshots to my LiveJournal urging the people I knew to come out and try it, but as far as I knew, nobody took me up on it. And that made me rather sad.

At the time, I had just moved away from home to Edmonton to go to school, hundreds of kilometres away from my family and all my friends. I had never been so lonely in my entire life, and it was a really tough time for me. But one day something interesting happened in The Endless Forest, that really spelled out to me what it was made for.

I was really lonely late one night. I had just had a bad day, but everybody I knew was busy or not available to call. I opened up the game and settled in. Throughout the whole night I only spotted a half dozen other deer, and most of those were sleeping.

Then, a deer ran up to me and bowed. I bowed back. They started to dance; I thought it was amusing, and danced with them. Then other deer gathered around and we all had a big dance circle. Soon the other deer disappeared, but that first deer stayed with me. We ended up spending about three hours together that night; running around, exploring different areas, gifting each other with masks, antlers and coat patterns. We thanked each other when we were gifted, we laughed at each other when it was something silly. We even did things like nuzzle each other and basically just played together the whole night.

It was amazing. I was playing with a complete stranger, in this forum where conventional language communication was impossible. I had no idea whether this person was male or female, young or old, English or Portuguese. The only way I could tell who they were was from a completely anonymous and bias-free symbol that meant them, and only them. They didn't know who I was either. There was no stumbling over words, awkward silences or mixed signals. This was the most pure form of communication I had ever experienced, and it was with a complete stranger in a video game.

When I finally signed off that night I thought about it a lot. Who was that person I had just played with? Why were they so nice, spending time with me, gifting me with so much magic and thanking me so strongly and nuzzling against me when I gave them gifts as well? I realized that learning who that person was, seeing a face, speaking with words, etc., would have killed the magic that happened that night.

Even though it was so small, I treasured it. Here was a complete stranger, hugging me, playing with me, giving me gifts, and me returning them, without worrying about language, race, age, gender or distance. It reminded me that I wasn't alone.

I stopped playing the game after a while. After that night, I couldn't find anyone willing to spend more than a minute with me. They'd usually just run up, change my coat pattern, and run away. Just before the newer version was released with the fawn stage I stopped playing. It was around then that I saw people on DeviantART sharing screenshots of their symbols and saying "Come play with me on the Endless Forest!" And it felt like, once again, the meaning of the game as an artistic form of anonymous communication had been lost.

I haven't actually opened it since then. Maybe I should, just to see how different it is now. But I feel a little hesitant, hehe... I don't want the magic to be ruined for me. Hehe, maybe I'm just being silly.

Anyway, thanks for reading through all of this. Let me know what you think of the Endless Forest if you still play it, and what it means to you. I'm very curious. =)


I decided to try this wonderful CSS journal style which you can download from the very talented ceara right here:…


:thumb126476291: 120509 by Pasternak
:thumb118074934: My Orion by BlackWyld
:thumb116764968: Female Study by Bobbyartist
zzz by aerostato:thumb106772508:
Kopytko by Redheadprincess Fly Away by RachelLeah
misty tree by midknight23 6th figure class of 2nd year by deadhead16mb


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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2009, 10:13 PM
  • Listening to: Tarkin - Imaginary Friend

In which I understand the annoyance

Now I know what all those popular artists mean by the term "fav-bombing". Jaaay-zus! When I logged on yesterday and saw my message count I seriously thought I had gotten another DD or something, until I found that all 123 were from one person, 119 of those favourites...

And they didn't even watch me. ;__;

I mean, I guess it's nice, just... wow. Kind of shocked me a little.

I don't really have much else than that to add; been swamped by midterms, term projects and now preparing for final exams. I apologize if I've been distant! As usual, you can always follow me on LJ (it's friends only but I'd be happy to add you), or check out my blog too. I'm going to post there again soon, maybe tonight?

EDIT: Sketch blog updated! Please take a look. =D Lots of fun stuff there...

Right. Love you guys. =D The holidays are getting closer, yaaay!


I decided to try this wonderful CSS journal style which you can download from the very talented ceara right here:…


:thumb126476291: 120509 by Pasternak
:thumb118074934: My Orion by BlackWyld
:thumb116764968: Female Study by Bobbyartist
zzz by aerostato:thumb106772508:
Kopytko by Redheadprincess Fly Away by RachelLeah
misty tree by midknight23 6th figure class of 2nd year by deadhead16mb


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Ahh, Nostalgia...

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 3, 2009, 10:27 PM
  • Listening to: Tarkin - Imaginary Friend

I love the WayBack Machine!

Lookie here:…

Man, that brings back memories!! Though looking at that, and remembering that I first joined back in 200-freaking-3 makes me feel like such an old lady!

Anyway... I am completely bogged down with school after being very sick with the flu for two weeks and missing a tonne of exams and assignments, so I am on hiatus until I can find time to breathe. Still checking the site every once in a while, but yeah... I hope to get back to work on the Fan Site for Mia soon, as well as some artwork too!



I decided to try this wonderful CSS journal style which you can download from the very talented ceara right here:…


:thumb126476291: 120509 by Pasternak
:thumb118074934: My Orion by BlackWyld
:thumb116764968: Female Study by Bobbyartist
zzz by aerostato:thumb106772508:
Kopytko by Redheadprincess Fly Away by RachelLeah
misty tree by midknight23 6th figure class of 2nd year by deadhead16mb


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