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Annabel Lee page 2

By Rhea-Batz
heres page 2! based on edgar allen poe's poem Annabel Lee

the entire comic was done with my lurvly copic markers ^^ airbrushing is funnn (though time consuming O_o; )
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Absolutely love it <3
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Very very lovely. Annabel lee... My favourite poem.
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Absolutely wonderful job , but I have one thing to say: the last line is wrong. The proper quote is "In her tomb by the sounding sea." But yeah. Love it anyways!
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Awesome job I must say. My mum named me after this poem ^^
mrshouse101's avatar
Love this poem and the eye. my second favorite from him. I prefer Hymn. My absolute fave from him!
suzehowe's avatar
Beautiful. One of my favorite poems and you did a wonderful job translating it into comic form.
Rhea-Batz's avatar
waii! thank you! jeez, I cant believe how old this thing is now O_o; Still love this poem tho
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Oh, very lovely. I think this is one of my favorite of his poems. The first frame, especially, is absolutely gorgeous. Another fav!
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Hey, a romantic period comic! Totally love the concept, you should develop it.

A tip:- add more close ups with facial expressions, more on the eyes etc. That way you'll get more of an emotional kick.

Keep up the good work!
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