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Burden :iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 1 0
Mute Spoken, Forever Heard
Would you sacrifice your voice to the world?
Let go of the wind and know that it'll take you wherever you may be.
Sing breaths of soft air, though they do not make a sound,
Rest assured that you shall be heard.
While you cannot speak and your voice is quieter than mice asleep in the fields
Know that you are heard from the highest of mountains and all over the world
From the smallest of children tucked away cozy in beds to the wretched hag curled over in her chair, rocking peacefully away.
Your words are sprawled out in pages for all and none to see;
Beauty written in ink on flowing lines that travel like a breeze.
And though your voice may fail you, rest assured little one, your message booms across the seven seas heard by all.
You never needed to speak to be free.
:iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 3 0
Oh hooded man who tends the gates, tempt my faith with golden doors, silver keys and wants of more.
What I seek is ever sought and chosen now would end the thought.
Is that what I truly want? Three forks down but never crossed.
Vengeance of ages ago; a thirst for blood and tombstones rest.
A brother who betrayed me, slashed my wings and caused my fall.
The City of Light now never seen.
A fool but clever! Trotting lies before God.
Believed was he and I thrown upon the Earth so hastily.
Forever gone so long before... Thoughts a distant echo now - "Your life I forever seek."
Oh, but tempt me not, cloaked keeper! Shown before me a way back!
A city of gold bathed in light. Heavens Gate opens with a guiding hand!
Throw away an unending feud! Cast aside and be a better man; welcomed back to the Angel's Throne.
Amended of charges that should never have been.
"Come home my child, once again."
But a third gate shown, is that the one? Resting 'neath a small tree, forgotten of this olden home.
:iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 2 0
White Rabbit Christmas
If the snow is on her fur, does she shiver and quake?
Or hide in the trees, and down the burrow, oh for she is late!
And through the glass, but shown not, a curious sight indeed.
Inside the hall, and into the room, with presents 'neath the tree.
And the children sing and dance and laugh! 'Santa was here!' they cry.
And a look of joy upon their face! What is it they have spied?
A white hare upon the ground, but not from mothers head.
No, an animal quick and soft! Nestled in its tiny bed.
"Jack! Do you see!" Sally cries. "Feel how soft it is!"
"Did Santa bring it?" A smile upon his lips.
And they shall name her, without another thought!
The quaint tale of a rabbit's glee from being late to being sought.
:iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 4 3
DevID by RhayvenNite DevID :iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 2 30
Black Train
The thoughts are there, but the spark is gone. The lust for Graveyard romantics  no longer filling my mind. The quiet hush of the midnight train filling my ears. An echo of passing trees whispering in the wind. The soft clatter of the rail-cars led along by a metal baphometh. And I? Trapped inside its innards. Swallowed whole by the gluttonous beast; held for now, to later emerge from its vile grip.
Time passed slowly. The strong aroma of booze and smoke penetrating my lungs. And she's in my mind. Filling every crevice, every thought of my soul. Her call alluring, for I know what my secret tells. Soft caresses upon my neck and skin. A roadway marked from past sin. It tells of a broken past, but I am being led to new beginnings.
It is cold. The bitter nip of Jack frost creeping. Not yet winter, but far past the sunny days of summer's past. The trees have shed their leaves but are not quite bare.
The howl of the whistle escapes, blasting from the hollow lungs of the black train
:iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 3 2
Into the Looking Glass by RhayvenNite Into the Looking Glass :iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 6 31
Birth of a Dream
Write for you.
Write because it opens your soul.
Breaths in life,  and lets your wings spread upon a gust of wind.
Writing lets you BREATH and fly away  into a sunset;
Be FREE to express the inner workings  of your soul.
Set your wings upon the flesh of your back;
Pen to paper, ink flowing like blood.
Creations flowing forth from the depths of your mind;
An abyss bringing forth life into which there was none.
A palace set in gold letters as your mind bursts through to let open a shattered dream.
Set it afloat, and give it shape, meaning.
No longer simple thoughts, but now a creation for all to see.
:iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 6 11
Bound By Love
Angel of night come from the sky above.
Clad in light; Searching for thy true love.
Look to the skies;
Diamonds Sewn in the darkness of night,
Leading your blind eyes to a goddess!
Standing still like a statue upon the Earth.
Horns of darkness tempt your gentle soul.
Beauty dipped from darkness depth
Waiting to be cleansed by heavens light.
Forbidden love -
Angel and Demon Goddess' United from tortured lights;
Gods who tear, rip, and prod - separated by war of blood.
Two beings said to be torn apart,
Yet loves bond cleanses even the darkest taint.
Heavens pure light, enshroud your love.
Features crack away. Darkened wings purified -
White feathers breaking free from their shadowy darkened bay.
Goddess be free! Love break the shackles of hell.
Darkest of creatures, purified, a love that knows no bounds.
Clouds rip apart as Angels peak from above.
Storm clouds dissipate from a gentle, pure love.
:iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 29 39
Broken; Seems ripped apart.
Once played with, many smiles brought upon small, gleaming faces.
Now thrown aside, forgotten.
Do you not see me?
I'm standing in the corner, eyes watching as you go by.
Walking hastily.
The world, once so small, in children's eyes.
I'm here don't you know?
Still abandoned, thrown in storage.
Simply tossed aside.
Stitches strewn from sewn, torn out.
Stuffing purged like a binged out night.
I can still play! I promise, I can.
Can you not see that, through your large adult eyes?
I see. So you've grown, you say?
No longer have time to play
With Teddy, or Mr Snowman, like the good times Of yesterday.
No, you see, I'll be fine.
My heart, just felt. No, that's no tear in my eye.
I'm a toy, you see - lacking emotions even though I cry out for thee.
Holding onto fond memories of the past.
Just a few stitches, thrown together in a fashion of arts and crafts.
:iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 6 15
1337 Llamas by RhayvenNite 1337 Llamas :iconrhayvennite:RhayvenNite 0 12
May be obvious, but I've not really posted much on here in a while. There's the occasional writing, but they're few and far between. Hell, there are messages over a year old that I still need to respond to...(Told you I was shit at keeping communication Lady-DreamSoul :P I haven't forgot, just...Haven't responded.)

An issue I'm having right now is wanting to move on in (attempting) to get shit set up for a career in web design. It's a distant thing - I'm still in school (Whether I'll continue that, I don't know. Yet to figure that out, honestly), I still have personal issues to work out, and there's still some shit I need to pick up in regards to tricks of the trade, but still. Part of that presence is web identity. Googling my name pulls up my dA as one of the top results.

I'm fairly certain that changing my username won't be enough. The main link will stay the same - It just redirects to the new page with a "Previously known as" advertisement. Besides from that, dA could be a decent enough platform to help share snippets of projects without having to link to the entire site. It could be a great tool to bring along with that.

HOWEVER, doing so will also require some revamping of vent art. Most likely keeping peaces that are less angsty, more professional and vaulting the rest. I don't really want to flat remove them, honestly. But it's not something that would look good if someone googled me.

It won't be a complete takedown of my poems and stories but... There are quite a number of them that would need to be. Don't know. Will figure that one out in the future, I still have some time to work on that regardless.

Either way... How have you guys been?


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Just a small town girl. Living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train, going anywhere~

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