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Undertale: A story written by the reader - Ch1-P3 by Rhay-Robotnik Undertale: A story written by the reader - Ch1-P3 by Rhay-Robotnik
You wonder what lay ahead, but you're determinated to find out.

My apologies for taking so long to post it. The art was actually done since quite a long while. I just hadn't time and chance to add the text to post it.

But as apologize for taking so long, i made a second pages to post for today, so no need to comment yet for ideas.

Wait for the next page pal ;P

Chapter 1 cover
Previous Page(2)
Next Page(4)

comic explanation
Reader will comment on what could happen at the next page, influencing Frisk on their decision, a bit like in the game.
The road that Frisk will take, the decisions they will take and the ending they will reach will be based on the readers.
There will be even possibility to do actions that you're usually unable to do in a game. So, the possibility will be up to the imagination.
Will you try to help everyone or break everyone dreams?

Every comments will be taken in consideration and along with some page, polls will be set for some important decision.
Ex: Have mercy for a monster or kill it
Pick up something to reply
Sooo, there will be some delay between the page to give time to peoples to comments and answer polls.
I will create a tumblr specially for this comic as well. (right here astorywrittenbythereader.tumbl… )

Frisk, undertale © Toby Fox
Art © Rhay-Robotnik
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