Xtraterrestrial Mini Contest [Ended]

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ABOUT THE CONTEST: Okay, this is a drawing contest. This is a simple contest with simple rules and prizes aren't sooo big to amaze you but it's up to you (It's not mandatory though).

    :bulletred: Every human being is welcome to join, can draw or can't. No age limit. (Or you may join via Facebook - www.facebook.com/notes/rhaven-…
    :bulletred: The theme would be ALiEN/EXTRATERRESTRiAL and your art must be:
            *in any size (But not smaller than 4x4 inches)
            *in digital or traditional drawing/painting/doodle/etc (Photo Collages and Linearts are not accepted)
            *colored or blackN'white shaded
            *newly and original (No art stocks please)
            *composed of anything that is/are alien-related
            *you may use existing characters
    :bulletred: 1 art entry only per participant
    :bulletred: If you're done with your entry, send me the file (Scan it first) or the link to your file instead via Facebook or DeviantArt message.

JUDGEMENTS OF CRITERIA: Creativeness and Originality = 80%, Awesomeness = 20%

PRIZES: Updates!
    [For grands] If you win, just choose the prize you want from the ff.
        G1) 1month PM + custom chibi adopt from The-Wrath-of-Me
        G2) 200 DA :points: + custom chibi adopt from The-Wrath-of-Me  + 1Commission
        G3) 100 DA :points: + custom chibi adopt from The-Wrath-of-Me  + Assorted Sweets Gift Pack (contains chocolates, candies, etc) + 1Milktea (any flavor of your choice)
        G4) Custom chibi adopt from The-Wrath-of-Me  + 1Magazine (any mag of your choice) + 1MilkTea + P100Load (Smart/TNT, Globe/TM)

    [For runner-ups]
        R1) 100 DA :points: + 1Milktea or P50Load (Smart/TNT, Globe/TM) or 1Commission

    [For both grands and runner-ups]
        GC1)  :+fav: + llama emoticon by BlAg001 + :+devwatch: + a surprise gift from CYDNEIGHHH (If requirements are met) + 15% off for plushie commisions, watch & llama from cysir + Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

    [For non-winners] If you don't win, just choose the prize you want from the ff. You're still lucky! Yay!
        N1) :+fav: + llama emoticon by BlAg001 + :+devwatch: + 20 DA :points:
        N2) P10Load (Smart/TNT, Globe/TM)

DEADLINE OF SUBMISSIONS: December 28,2014 (Extensions may apply if possible)


    There will be 1 winner in digital art category, 1 winner in traditional art category, and 3 runner-up winners in combined categories.

     Physical prizes like AS Gift Pack, Milktea and Mag are upon meet-ups in Quezon City, PH area only. Prizes are not convertible to cash. You may claim your prizes anytime :dummy:.

    DONATIONS like DA points, Llamas, TShirts, Commisions, Etc are all welcome for the expansion of prizes and number of winners! Just message me in FB or here in DA about your donations. Points donation box is in my DA profile page - Thank You! :bounce:

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