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Starting to feel the insuferable sweat of this end of June? People around you seem unnervingly happy, nice and reasonnable? 
You guessed it, holidays started, well, for most of us. Well, for people with indulgent jobs. Well, for students, mainly, and lucky bastards with nice bosses. Right, not for everybody.

Anyway, with holidays coming, sharp tongues and high-functioning sociopaths (like me, I know. I'm too modest...), are confronted to their greatest fear and danger : Interacting with other human beings, and even [i]starting[/i] to like them.

Seriously, people, just NO. Don't forget to stay misanthropist and bitchy to others IRL. Otherwise, you would grow a heart, even two hearts if you have Timelord tendancies (we'll get to that disease in a future entry). I, for instance, started feeling. Urgh, it was terrible. I had an open-heart surgery to get rid of it, and incidently, to get rid of my growing heart.

In short, happy holidays, you sneaky human beings. If I was not affraid of getting hurt, I would send you lots of "hugs" and "kisses".

See ya guys =)


rhapsodyofirony's Profile Picture
Nothing much to say. I write a lot. I read a lot. I speak a lot. Sometimes people like it, mainly they don't. I love fandoms, tea, playing piano, writing silly stuff that nobody reads, i adore learning and speaking languages to feel above everybody.
I read french litterature in english and everything else in french.
People are boring, books are not. Real life never starts, fantasy never ends.

Various hobbies i fancy:

Harry Potter
Doctor Who.
Notre-Dame de Paris and any other good historical novels.
Good old classical music and opera (Prends garde à toi!)
Good not-so-old rock, punk music.
British litterature.
British actors.
Claude Frollo.

(non exhaustive list)

By the way, you probably wont understand my posts. I mostly write in french. Surprise . Haha.
Nah, i'll try to alternate between the languages, if iam not too lazy.

Anyway, now, pass your way. And stop bothering me. I am busy *glare*.
Damn, this would sound better with Frollo/Alan Rickman's voice...


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Windmaedchen Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Hello! Thanks a lot for Watching me and Welcome to Deviantart! I hope you enjoy your stay. :)
Have a nice day. :D
rhapsodyofirony Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Thank you for attention. Always a pleasure to watch talented people and other holmesians
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Hello there, I hope you'll enjoy having :iconhq-holmes: in your watch list!  :-)
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Thank you, i'm sure i will