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Emma Watson Jedi knight

Emma Watson Jedi knight
NO entiendo porque borraron este wallpaper y todos mis wallpapers si no estoy violando los derechos de autor en nada, ya que no estoy vendiendo el wallpaper , es un simple wallpaper que hice editando las imagenes y claramente lo indique;no se que se mete el tipo que borro mis wallpapers...
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can you imagine if Emma Watson stared in a star wars movie that would be awesome!
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This is AMAZING!
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I love it! ^^
I love this picture it's Hermione Granger has a Jedi Knight. 
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that is  pretty cool
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I sense the force is strong with this 1. Emma looks great with this type of look,
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this is kinda cool
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i can imagine her as a jedi for some reason
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Lol. You mixed Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the rings. Nice.
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just got a shiver down my spine, emma would actually work those jedi robes quite well. ... god she looks hot like that.
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Harry Potter would've been, I kid you not, 1000000000000000000000000000000000x better if this had suddenly happened.
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Okay, this is awsome!
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This is an awesome picture, it has two things that I love Emma Watson and Jedis. Nice work!
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wow awesome job!
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